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12 Things you didnt know about Lunah Virtuous


Lunah is a soulful gospel artist with a mature defined therapeutic sound that transforms audiences to worshipers. She is blessed with a voice that reaches deep into the soul connecting listeners with heavenly beings.

She has released a couple of touchy singles thereby sending  audiences into worshiping frenzies.

Lunah Virtuous, born Lunah Mutidzawanda, is a Zimbabwean gospel artist based in South Africa.

Celebrity caught up with Lunah and here is the interview.

Thank you for sparing a moment to talk with us. Many people out there want to know Lunah. Do you mind giving us a glimpse of your life?
Lunah is a born-again Christian, remembered by God and made a strong and bold woman. I attended Mwanandishe Primary School in New Tafara during which time I discovered that I had a gift.  I didnt know how to use it. I used to sing during break time in 2005 to which my teacher then, Mr Chindedza and classmates, used to laugh at me. Singing was always part of me and if I fail to hold it I would ask to sing for everyone.

I went to Tafara High 2 for my secondary education where we formed a music group with my Form 3 friends. I enjoyed singing and will always remember the good times I had singing with my mates.

I come from a small loving family with both parents there to support me.

Lunah Virtuous
Lunah Virtuous

What inspires you to sing?
Lunah inspires me to sing. She is an inspiration with the way she carries herself. A strong fighter of all the women I meet out there. She is a different person I sing about most of the time.

How do you compose your music?
I have many ways of composing my songs. Oftentimes I drew inspiration from reading the bible. Sometimes when I am going through a rough patch, I enjoy writing songs. It calms my heart.

You started off as a dancehall artist and then switched to gospel? Kindly explain how that happened and why?
I started singing in 2011 as a dancehall artist till I received Christ in 2016. When I started singing, I had no reason.  I had no purpose.  After receiving Christ I decided to do gospel because that’s where I belong. I wanted to be a minister to win souls through music. I believe my voice heals though that’s besides the matter. My personality would not allow me to continue singing dancehall. I had the voice but it was not easy performing in a bar. I could not feel it.

How have been the musical journey, the challenges and opportunities?
It has not been so easy. Being a woman in the industry at times I could feel like giving up.  Infact, there are times I will stop writing songs thinking I can’t do this anymore because the challenges are a lot. If you don’t have discipline, self control and plans for future (musically), your dream will just fizzle out before achieving anything.

Passion drives me. I love music more than anything else. I breathe music. I eat music and music is all I have. If I fall I always try to pick up the broken pieces and rise again.

I have had opportunities but the way they come. I could not just give in because of the conditions. Some would ask me to change my genre because they want to make money, fame and quickly rise.

I’m not that greedy. Singing for money and fame might lead me astray so I disappoint a lot. My music is not all about money but the word you give to the people.

Lunah Virtuous
Lunah Virtuous

What lessons have you learnt about life looking at your experience?
I have learnt to stay focused as a girl child. I failed to get enough time for school due to some family issues; instead I had to focus on what I am good at. At first it started as a joke and was always fighting with my mother who did not know the reason why I chose to become a musician.

I also learnt whatever the situations it is not all about education or having a degree but wisdom and focus.

Believing in God can change situations.

Life is hard but I overcame looking at where I am now. I am an overcomer.

What is your dream?
To become an inspiration to the world

What advice would you give a girl who wants to venture into music?
If you really want to be an artist make sure you stay focused. Be yourself. Don’t deceive yourself.

And also take advice from others especially older people – it kept me from making mistakes in life.

Who is that artist you look up to and wish to meet?
Ada Ehi from Nigeria. She’s a gospel artist and my role model too.

If you had more money, how would you spend it?
By looking after the homeless. That is my dream.

What is the future like for you?
With what I’ve been through, my future is bright and victory awaits me.

Any last words you wish to share as we conclude this interview?
I promise to keep healing the broken hearts with good music.

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  1. Sir Trevor Babick Mutsakani says

    If God is For us all who can be against us,…may you live this dream in the name of Jesus.

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