WE have curated a list of Android applications (apps) for use by sane people to go about their everyday needs.

A highly productive person can use and find satisfaction either through the app’s entertainment value, productivity or aesthetics.

Apart from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn the following apps should have space on your mobile phone.

1. BidBuddie
This app has made the list because it is useful and simple to use. It is all about listing your wares for auction, check out on the available wares on auction, place bids and wait. There are lots of cheap stuff though the uptake is still low.

2. Keep Notes
This is a must have app from the films at Google. If you often make notes on-the-go then this app is handy. At Celebrity we are always writing notes when interviewing people and so forth and our go to app is Keep Notes. It syncronizes with Gmail and we know we have our notes anywhere. Unlike other notes apps Keep Notes gives you too much space.

3. Snapseed by Google
Another Google app to have when you do take photos and wanna edit them on the move. The app has too many features for mobile and it is absolutely free made by a reputable company. We use the app to edit pics and we have enjoyed it ever since.

4. Sasai
This is by far the most useful app developed by Cassava Smarttech and it is poised to disrupt the mobile messenger application market with it is integration of chat and payments functionality. We tested the app to buy electricity tokens. The processing speed and easy blew our mind.

5. Money Manager
Another must have app for 2019 is Money Manager. The apps gives you the opportunity to see your income against your expenses and allows you to plan accordingly. Who does not want to stay on top of their monies.

6. ZBC Live
This apps is not beautiful in any way but it is far from appealing. It only made it in this list because of its functionality but if there is a great recommendation to developers at ZBC or whoever is working on the app please give it a facial uplift and make it sexy. Currently it is a very sad app.

7. Coursera
If you are like me and you probably want to learn all the time then Coursera is the app for you. It has loads of courses you can download, watch and learn on the go. You cannot go complaining about failing to have time to learn because Coursera gives you just that, anywhere, anytime. The app is free and so are hundreds of courses.

8. Moon+ Reader
The best way to keep yourself ahead of the game is to read extensively . The more you read the more knowledge you acquire and at the end of the day the adage is knowledge is power. Moon+ Reader allows you to read all kinds of books like MObi, PDF and epub.

9. Gmail Client
If you are an Gmail user then definitely you do need a Gmail client so you check your mail on the go after all it is a sign once and read many…

In today’s world where YouTube has gone beyond simply being a repository for amateurish visuals, it has grown to be an educational portal, news and entertainment hub. To stay abreast with happenstances across the world and learn new cool stuff you better check out YouTube.

Samsung Health
We are living in an age of too much to eat, distractions and busy schedules. We rarely have the to exercise. Samsung health gives you the opportunity to exercise by measuring your footsteps, paces, Blood pressure, calories burned as well as distance covered walking, sleeping, playing tennis, boxing and loads more. To stay on top of your health you need a faithful assistant – Samsung Health it is.

Podcasts by Google
The podcasts app allows you to listen to all sorts of podcasts on your favorite topics from motivation by Antony Robbins, Les Brown and Dale Carnegie to startup and marketing tips by Seth Godin. The app is free, intuitively simple and colourful as per the Google way. This article was written while listening to a Les Brown podcast.


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