15 things you did not know about Kudzai Kizito Madangwa

Who is Chari$ma
I’m Kudzai Kizito Madangwa also known as CHARI$MA. I was born on the 27th day of June in 1998. After passing A level I decided to go and study BA in Professional Acting for Camera at City Varcity but unfortunately I couldn’t enroll due to financial constraints. I just told myself I am going to do it anyway without going to school. March 2019, I was in Johannesburg and applied to join Insight Media House Acting Academy. They invited me to audition. I went to the auditions and impressed them. They offered me free screen acting classes and signed me as a screen actor and voice over artist.

When I came back to Zimbabwe I was offered a free six-months Acting and Directing course by a certain film institution.

What is your one tip for upcoming actors?
Never quit, remember where you will be tomorrow if you don’t quit today!

What was your first job?
My first acting job was a bit role Young Partson in Flowers Of Dry Thorns by Light Image Productions in 2018.

How much was your first pay, and how did you spend it?
My first pay was US30 per call. I gave it all to my mom. Why? I wanted to gain her support and trust, I was kind of bribing her to accept me as an actor! Haha, I also gave her because she’s my mom and I love her!

What was the one thing you wish somebody had told you when you were starting your career?
I wish someone told me that I was going to make it

If you were the president of Zimbabwe, how would you fix Zimbabwe?
The Charismatic way! Kill corruption, dismiss old folks from offices, revise the law, implement it and at the end, leave office…

What is your biggest regret?
I don’t regret.

What is the most interesting thing about you that people don’t know?
I’m very very shy!

What is it that you wish you had done in your life?
I wish I had enrolled at film school and get a degree in what I love!

What is your favorite color of socks?

What is the worst lie you have ever told?
I’m of mixed races.

What is the lowest point of your life?
When I am not happy is the lowest point of my life. Everything I do I do it to be happy, I work, I travel, I do anything for happiness. Everything goes down when I’m not happy.

Who are the greatest people you have worked with, and when?
I have worked with great people, starting with my first theatre director and acting coach before I decided to be an artist, Hillary Gregory Indi. I worked with him in 2017. I worked with Melgin Tafirenyika in 2018, he directed and produced my first film to feature. I worked with Stella January, Antony Tongani, Nothando Nobengula, Eunice Tava, Marian Kunonga, Munashe Chitsiga, Kuda Bwititi, Admire Kanhenga. The list is endless…

I’m always working with great people!

Who is the person you wish to meet before leaving earth?
I wish to meet Kevin Hart

What are the character traits you look for in a date?
Wow I never expected this!

I am attracted to genuine beings, natural looks. Few or no artificials. Smart mind, relaxed and confident person.

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