8 Hours the movie premieres

David Kanduna premieres his new movie called 8 Hours on “David Kanduna” Youtube channel at 9.45 this morning.

The movie chronicles the journey of Tom who seeks redemption from an ugly past after being offered a job that entails a series of events which subsequently change his view on life.

“The story follows the journey of a young adult ‘Tom’ who has had an ugly past and seeks redemption,” said Kanduna.

Kanduna unveiled the film as an eye opener sending home the message that person can change for the better despite a disturbing past, age or status and the film also bares the reality of cultism and its effects.

“The film speaks on issues to do with change as it is never too late to change your life for the better. It also shades some light on cult groups and their effects,” he said.

The young writer revealed that he has always wanted to change the way films are done and bring something new to the screens.

“I have always had that flame in me. The burning desire to give something new to the world has always been an inspiration and will always be.”

Like every other producers, Kanduna and Gara faced various challenges in the industry including difficulties in raising capital to finance and improve project and shortage of skills causing the film to pass through several editors who failed to complete the post production on time.

Kanduna believes the film industry would change for the better if filmmakers manage to be consistency in production for it influences mass production of films.

“Continuing to do what we love, which is filmmaking, I believe consistency sharpens our art and it may also influence mass production of films which is good for building an industry,” he said.

8 Hours is a low budget film written and directed by David Kanduna who produced it with Tinotenda Gara. The film consists of a manageable crew and cast. 8 Hours features Chris Timbe, Antonio Sipriano, Penelope Togara, Blessing Sikelo and David Kanduna.

8 Hours will also premiere on Friday on Heart and Soul television and show on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporations television (ZTV) later.

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