“A nominee is a win”

The producer of “Fame without money ” Blessing Chikwamba popularly known as Alleviate Beats acknowledges a nomination as a win after being nominated under the best producer category in the PPC Zimbabwe Music Awards.

By Nyarai Chidzero

“A nomination is a win itself. It’s a great achievement and I’m really proud that my works are being recognized without doubts”, he said.

The young producer sees the nomination as a motivation which will give him a reason to keep pushing dispite all the difficulties faced in the industry.

Alleviate Beats

Alleviate Beats

Alleviate Beats described how times have changed and how difficult it has now become in the music industry to point out and correct mistakes since the laws and regulations are no longer respected.

“As musicians we now live to put food on the table since the rules and regulations are of no use”, he said.

As a producer Chikwamba calls for producers to be given their credit and suggests that producers should have a committee which represents them so that they can not be taken for granted.

“Producers are no longer valued yet they are the ones who take care of most of the recording, directing, mixing and mastering task. There should be a committee to represent music producers, we are being taken for granted”, said Alleviate Beats.

Alleviate Beats has worked with artists such as Freeman, Seh Calaz, Killer T, Brity Yonly and he wishes to work with Jah Prayzah who inspires his sound.

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  • Solomon Munochekwa
    5 months ago Reply

    You are the most hard worker and most prominent in all rounder. Without you music will not come to life. You exemplify the motherboard of every song composed. It is very fair that you are cared for with respect and devotion. Creators are such a crucial part of music, therefore, must be taken incredibly not for granted. I respect that you put forward your voice, and without qualm you will attain a credit for it.

    All the best,

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