Celebrity Magazine is a news hub about local and international celebrities in sport, arts, business, society, entertainment and technology among many other disciplines. It bridges the informational gap between celebrities and their fans.

Our Vision
To connect everyone through reliable, accurate and easily accessible news.

Our Mission
Our mission is to become the leading reliable, innovative and responsive magazine and promote free conservation.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Customer focus
  • Transparency
  • Innovation

What We Do
We write news about celebrity lifestyles, scandals, careers, profiles and lots more.In order to provide value and retain our customers, we research and publish news articles on technology, health, business, motivation, inspiration, advice and tips on hot topics from time to time as the market dictates.

Why Partner With Celebrity?
Celebrity is growing every day and this can be witnessed by the ever-growing readership, ever-growing Facebook fan page. Partnering with Celebrity Magazine will expose your business to an active and vibrant market of 13-65 years olds.

Within this brand is the working class of people between 20 and 60 who are actively involved in buying and selling of products and services. Sponsoring Celebrity will allow companies to advertise on all Celebrity online platforms.