Acting Questions From The Actor Part 1

What should I do to improve my acting and join the acting world?

Practice always makes you perfect. Go on the mirror and act by yourself. Try all characters, facial expressions, voice projections, twist and turn your voice, get into different moods.  Challenge yourself in everything you do, have confidence in what you are doing, believe in yourself.

Go to the auditions, ask your friends to help you at home, read script regularly, have a sharp memory to memorize scripts, learn many languages, join Acting groups and share what ever you understand best, don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know.

When given a role, try to be not yourself but be the character that has been described by the script writer. Always ask for character background/bible. Ask enough information about your character from the Director.

Where can I get acting classes, are there free online classes anywhere?

Google will help you.  just google “Acting for Film” or “Acting for Stage play.” They are more books, tutorials, and other materials that can help you.

You can even search for Online Acting classes and find many. Unfortunately at this point in time, l have read many materials and l don’t have specific sites that l can refer you because on every site l learn new things.

Any advice regarding acting

Any advice regarding acting.

Acting is portraying something that is not there so that it appears as if it’s there. Therefore, there is noone else like you, who do like you – so never compare yourself with anyone. The moment you begin to compare yourself to someone is when you lose confidence and pride build up in you. These are the things that makes actors fail; fear and pride.

Acting is communication, so when ever you are acting make sure you are good at communicating;

    • with the Director.
    • with The crew.
    • with the other characters you are acting with,
    • with the camera.
  • Never go on set when upset. Never take your personal issues to the set. When on set forget about everything and focus on the story you are portraying.
  • Respect everyone on set as your brother or sister. Be friendly to everyone and never choose who to talk to or to act with.
  • Be the problem solver when ever there is a problem or mistake. Never take time discussing about ‘why’ instead accept and spend time on ‘how’ to fix the problem.
  • Be the leader – a leader does not play blame game, or cast burden on others. Leaders take charge  and take ownership of the situation.

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