Amazing Grace Ministries officially launched

Bishop Tarugarira Chipunza (left) officially opening Amazing Grace Ministries with Pastor Benny Matemba and his wife

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A new church, Amazing Grace Ministries was on Sunday launched in Warren Park at Magamba Hall amid pomp and funfair with the blessing of Bishop Tarugaruira Chipunza.

Founded by Pastor Benny Matemba on January 13, 2019, the church has been growing from strength to strength experiencing a sizable number of attendants thronging the holly place.

During the launch, rising gospel musicians Abraham Matuka  and Rumbi Zvirikuzhe put up a grand performance that set a divine tone for the congregants who kept on shouting praises to God.

There were over 15 pastors from different denominations who came to grace the auspicious occasion.

In an interview with Celebrity, Pastor Matemba said he received the vision for the Ministry 8 years ago and they were waiting for the right time through mentorship and grooming to establish the church.

“This church stated on the 13th of January this year 2019 but we were given the vision 8 years ago whilst we were attending another church. As you know there are certain lessons that need to be done in grooming pastors so that is what we have been doing for the past 8 years for us to be where we are today.

“After having received this vision to have this church 8 years ago today is the day we have decided to have an official launch of this ministry. I used to serve as a pastor at Rainbow Ministries for about 7 years. My first church which is preached in was Assemblies of God (General Council Assemblies of God) where I served as a pastor for 7 years before moving to Rainbow Ministries,” he said.

Pastor Matemba said the attendance they have experienced since they established the Ministry has been overwhelming with over 160 adults and 83 children in attendance.

He said the congregation has been growing since then and now they have more than 300 congregants worshipping at Amazing Grace Ministries.

“As a Ministry we were sent to spread the gospel free of charge and full of grace so that whoever believes in the word will be saved. We also offer deliverance and prophecy and at times we help all the less privileged people in the community,” said Pastor Matemba.

Bishop Tarugarira Chipunza

Officially launching Amazing Grace Ministries, Bishop Chipunza for a church to live forever the founders must not break away from their former churches but leave according to the Divine Protocol.

“Many churches are forming and today I want to establish this work. Pastors must not break away otherwise the church will not survive because God’s work has protocol. You do not give yourself a position but it is given by God. If this church was formed through a break away it will not survive for the next 5 years.

“Churches are formed through Divine Protocol and I do not want to lose this church. My responsibility is to equip your pastor in order for him to execute God’s work to you. I am sowing this church in the spiritual realm because a church which is not anchored in the spiritual realm is not a church. Everyone who will come to this church will leave with a blessing,” he said.

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