Apostle Gobvu hosts restoration conference in Zimbabwe

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UNITED Kingdom-based clergyman Apostle Manfred Gobvu is hosting an inaugural restoration conference at the former Rainbow Theatre in Harare’s city centre on October 25 and 26 aimed at restoring everything that people have lost through showcasing the power of God by ministering his word.

Prominent gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood is set to be the main act at the event and he will be supported by an upcoming musician called Prince Life who is also expected to perform at the event.

Local and international pastors are also expected to grace the event that is expected to attract a large gathering of people from across all works of life.

Apostle Manfred Gobvu praying for a congregant

In an interview with Celebrity, Apostle Gobvu said the restoration conference was aimed at restoring what people have lost in their lives through ministering the word of God

Apostle Gobvu said the conference is a global conference that will see him going to Uganda, India, South Africa Kenya and other parts of the world ministering and fellowshipping with people.

Apostle Manfred Gobvu and his wife Delcey

“This is our inaugural event but it will be running annually and Zimbabwe is a special place that is why we started it in Zimbabwe. I am Zimbabwean by birth and there is a lot of family history in Zimbabwe because my father was a ministry founder. He founded a ministry in 1965 called Christian Marching Church and it has around for a while so it is a son following his father’s footsteps. It is a privilege and an honour to follow his footsteps.

“We are taking the theme from the book of Joel 2: 25 and when you read the entire chapter 2 of Joel it talks about how God has the ability to restore anything that was lost. In fact in chapter 2: 25 he talks about time being restored and when we think about the situation that we have had in Zimbabwe, it has been a struggle for the past 20 or so years and everyone is lost,” he said.

Apostle Gobvu also said that with restoration he is talking about everything that people lost and everything that was rightfully theirs being restored through the power of God.

“We are saying God has a way of restoring it and this is the core message. The event is open to everyone that is why we are saying it is interdenominational because it is not aligned with any particular denomination or a particular church. What we are looking to do is to create a conference where it is the word of God and where we can fellowship so everyone is welcome whether you are a believer or a non-believer,” he said.

Apostle Manfred Gobvu

Apostle Gobvu is the son of a church founder, the late Bishop Phillip Gobvu and he was born in Zimbabwe until in 2004 when he went to the UK and studied Theology before ministering there.

He believes that his calling was a global call and it has to start in Zimbabwe which is his hometown.

Those who would want to contact Apostle Gobvu can get in touch with him at +2637716710959

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