Apostle Gobvu in powerful restoration conference

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UNITED Kingdom-based cleric Apostle Manfred Gobvu gave a powerful restoration service over the weekend in Harare, much to the deliverance of the congregants.

The conference which ran under the theme taken from the Bible’s Book of Joel 2 verse 25 which says “and I will restore you” saw a sizable number of people from all walks of life in attendance and fellowshipping with the man of God.

Apostle Gobvu spoke of restoration, a sermon which was well received by the congregants before delivering a powerful deliverance session where he prayed for the people, healing the sick.

Prominent gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood also put up a grand performance which thrilled the audience and was later joined by an upcoming rapper Prince Life who also entertained the crowd.

After the healing and deliverance session on Saturday, Apostle Gobvu was joined by Apostle Batsirai Java, founder of Apostle B Java Ministries who also gave a powerful sermon before anointing Apostle Gobvu.

Though it was Apostle Gobvu’s first restoration conference in Zimbabwe, the event lived up to its expectations.

Evangelist Janet Gobvu who Apostle Gobvu’s sister said the event was good as it witnessed a powerful sermon from the man of God who delivered what God has spoken to him.

“This has been a restoration conference. Apostle hears from God and ministers regarding restoration. He emphasized the fact that restoration was about having back what was stolen from the people from health, finances, relationship, marriages and even churches. He also talked about churches who were being compromised to suit a certain culture,” she said.

Evangelist Gobvu said the attendance was good and it was a lovely service despite the fact that it started on a holiday.

“It was open to everyone who welcomes the message that Apostle was giving to the nation of Zimbabwe. He also talked about love and how God has loved his people. This was about people who may have not received Jesus at all,” she said.

She also said that after the conference, the Apostle will be going to Uganda in November, India in December and Kenya next year in February but in-between he will make time to come back to Zimbabwe.

Evangelist Gobvu said Apostle Gobvu is a man who listens to the Holy Spirit so he does what it says.

She said he indentified Prince Life was identified by the Apostle and have him the opportunity to share the stage with big artists like Mudiwa Hood.

“His message had a punch and was powerful to the believers and non-believers,” Evangelist Gobvu said.

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