Art should be appreciated: Queen Of Gold

Sylvia “Queen Of Gold” Mavezere has urged Zimbabweans to appreciate that arts is a spotlight industry and someone’s job, therefore should not be painted as a sector full of immorality.

The vibrant actress/model reasoned that immorality is not only in the arts industry but everywhere.

“In shona they say ‘hunhu munhu’. If one has a dirty mind that ss what they do depending on where they come from, otherwise immoral behaviors are found in every industry.” She said.

“In Zimbabwe people don’t appreciated art in terms of dressing. If we show case our model skills wearing the ‘unusual’ people judge us as ‘mahure’, yet its just being artistic.”

Queen Of Gold urged people to support local content so that the arts industry improves. She also encouraged those who can help the industry to grow to invest in the arts industry. She believes it is the arts industry’s duty to change the community for the better.

“People brag that they do not watch ZBC or Zim dramas. Kana vakasada kuawona anozoonekwa nani. I think that mentality should stop and the major broadcaster in this country should get more new content from producers to avoid people from shunning away from what is their own for foreign content.

Mavezere went on to encourage other actors and models to speak up against any abuse and should do so in time so that perpetrators who take advantage of innocent people wanting to showcase their talent are stopped in time before tarnishing the image of the industry.

Sylvia Mavezere has featured in many local movies including Mother In Law, Tsamba Yerudo, Destiny, Munyengeri, Mavanga Erudo and Sins among others.

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