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ARTISTS, Elvis ‘StarLion’ Demba and Prosper ‘Blac n Blut’ Padare have added a variety of artworks at Avondale Arts and Crafts Centre after opening a new shop in recent times.

The two used to specialize in sculptures but recently they have ventured into paintings, crafts, bead-works, wooden carvings, portraits, Africa attire, jewelry, ornaments, traditional instruments and Binga baskets among others.

In an interview with Celebrity, the duo said they have noticed that people are not only interest in sculptures but a variety of artworks hence the need to expand to cater for more customers.

They said the addition was part of the expansion drive with a vision of becoming one of the biggest galleries in Zimbabwe and abroad.

“We have decided to more artworks to the market in addition to sculptures in order to broaden our customer base. Most of these products, we made them ourselves but others we collect from other artists. The smallest beadwork takes 3 to 4 hours while the largest takes about a day or so to complete depending on the workload.

“Business is still tough as we are still penetrating the market but here at Avondale Arts and Crafts Centre there is no competition since we are one big family. You would find that if an artist has no pieces that are wanted by a customer they can actually refer the customer to other artists who have them.

The duo added, “Our price are very competitive and we take all forms of payment from as little as $5 rtgs per piece. We specialize with tourists who constitute a large part of our customers and most of them were complaining about the weight of sculptures so we had to look for other materials to give them so that they market our products internationally.”

StarLion and Blac n Blut said their vision is to be one of the biggest galleries that will be known and recognized internationally providing quality artworks to customers.

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