Artists mourn Jiggaz

The  Zimbabwe arts industry mourns the death of an art icon George”Jiggaz” Tanjani who passed on on Friday.

Many feel the industry has been left with a void that cannot be covered.

In a poem dedicated to him, Jiggaz has been described as a people’s person who was a jovial person,

“Jiga raive gamba panhau dzekuekita,


Kufara kuwachisa vanhu,

 kufara!”, recited the poem.

Abdon Zacharia described him as a very creative, no conflict person loaded with candid talk. In a statement he posted on social media, Zacharia expressed grief and said George had a strong impact to the arts fraternity and no patch can match in Jiggaz’s position.

Artists mourn Jiggaz

The Patsime team who worked with him since 2004 till the time of his death said he was a hard-working person who loved to work happily.

“He was good at mobilising the stage, he was our key player who made our working environment free n and fun. We have lost an icon as an industry,” said Abiatha Mugadza a work colleague.

He went on to narrate how Tanjani loved development and what happened the day before his death.

” Jiggy aikurudzira development kutaura zvekuti wega waibva watoda kuita chinhu. What pains me most is that musi wa 7 taiva tese kubsa akabuda akanopa ma tickets ndaiva ne show na Nash so iye aipa ma invitations kuvanhu akadzoka tikamuwanzira zvekuti because he couldn’t eat lunch achiti ma acids ambenge akwira saka asara nema pains emoyo of which he was saying  bp yangu irikuda kushuta ,he was on treatment. We departed takuenda kumba then kusen musi wa 8 ndopandakaudzwa kuti akaendeswa ku West end kuma 3am then again kuma 10 tonzi ashaika ,there was a  moment of silent pa basa zvekuti hakuna ainyararidza mumwe. It was shocking news”, he said.

According to Mercy Chirikure the industry has lost a hard worker, a person who was so passionate about what he did.

” We had a very good working relationship with Jiggaz. He was always a joyful person. You would think he cannot deliver his work with the way he cracked his jokes but on set he gave his all”, she said.

Not only was he an actor but also one of the pioneers of Zimdancehall. He groomed and mentored a lot of artists including Spiderman.

 George “Jiggaz” Tanjani was laid to rest at Mbudzi cemetery yesterday. He survived with a wife and 7 children. May his soul rest in peace.

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