Austrian artist hosts first solo exhibition at Artillery

Martina Gruber

Arts Reporter

AUSTRIAN artist Martina Gruber is today hosting her first solo art exhibition at Artillery Gallery in Mount Pleasant aimed at promoting artistic images.

The exhibition dubbed “Augenblicke: Instants” will be officially opened by the Austrian honorary consulor Mr Milan Djordjevic and will run to June 2.

Artillery was gallery is the only art gallery in Harare West which was opened in a move aimed at taking art to the elite part of the city.

In an interview with Celebrity, Gruber said she was so excited to host her first art exhibition in Zimbabwe and at Artillery Gallery.

She said she has a strong connection for Zimbabwe and love for the country’s history which was one of the major reasons that made her come to showcase her work in the country.

“Zimbabwe has been a wonderful place of inspiration. It is a huge honour and it is very special that Peter Kaunda has opened Artillery for me to present my works here. It is also very special to show the work that I have created and produced over the last two years here in Zimbabwe. There are different explorations from my trips to Mozambique and Namibia in the show so I am super excited to showcase the work here.

“The name of the exhibition is Augenblicke which is a German word for Instants and why I called it Augenblicke: Instants is because each piece that will be shown in the exhibition is a result of a special moment. Sometime is kind of a really spontaneous moment where I had a camera on me and other works are also a result of my explorations,” she said.

Gruber said some of her artworks incorporates her personal engagement with other women on things they do not take with other people.


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