Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Dr Liberty Kingsdale

Liberty Kingsdale is a fast-rising youthful thought leader as well as Founder of School Of Scribes, a movement he created to emancipate the African citizenry to create and preserve own legacy through employing seasoned writing skills. He believes that one way to imortalise self comes through writing your own story because no one tells it with much originality better than you. A multi-award-winning Life Coach, Visionary and Transformational Speaker, Liberty holds a black-belt as a professional writer and is the flagship of pen coaching in Zimbabwe. He is an author of national best sellers which include Dare Your Dreams-Challenge Your Limits, God’s Hustler and Winning Revolution. A constant guest on national top radio stations, Liberty has an unusual diction that leaves his readers ink-licking. Inspired by his mantra at School of Scribes: If You Can Think It, You Can Ink It, he teaches his league of mentees on how to make penny from pen. He mentors and coaches organisations, corporates and Leaders across all spheres of influence. Various Pastors, Politicians, Entrepreneurs and Creative Artistes are under his fold of mentees. A firm believer in the Lord, Liberty has been a Christ Activist for over two decades. For years, his ministry has been confirmed with miracles, signs and wonders. He is the Founder of Spirit Culture Worldwide, a ministry he leads under the impetus of the Holy Ghost.