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The battle for supremacy in Chimurenga music has remained uncontested for decades but the merging of Chief Shumba on the block sparked debate in the world of entertainment.

Music fans only reckons the traditional genre in the face of Thomas ‘Mukanya’ Mapfumo as Chimurenga music guru. This is despite his alleged thuggery character he used to bully fellow upcoming musicians.

Tapiwa Macheka tested the intimidations when a gang of thugs unscratched and cut off his dreadful logs.

This was the end of the game for his carrier in music. Since then Mukanya has been reluctant to defend his supremacy to the extent of failing to offer something new for his fans.

The emerging of one spectacular artist, Chief Shumba came as a surprise in the game with fans falling in love with his latest debut album titled Judas Mutengesi.

The album was launched on the 14th of February this year on Radio Zimbabwe. Since then, the grew some audience has been magnanimous.

The album features hit songs such as Munondo featuring Botswana’s Slizer, Zendemu, Nditakure, Machembere, Chikopokopo, Njere and among others.

The traditional music fans have not only likened the fellow artist but have set him on a benchmarking thread with Mukanya.

During a phone in Programme at a local popular FM, callers revealed that Chief Shumba’s album outclassed Mapfumo.

“Baba ndimi murikubvira pa town, please continue with Chimurenga vibes. Thomas Mukanya hatichamuverengi (Keep the good pace in music, you are far much better than Mapfumo),” says one music fan.

“Chief Shumba you have done an excellent job, we love you, you now our Chimurenga music guru, mumhanzi wenyu unodakadza,” another caller chanted.

Chief Shumba attacks Mukanya in one of his songs titled “Judas Mutengesi” were the album name derives from. In the song he labels Mukanya a biblical Judas Iscariot for rebuking his own nation.

The coming of Chief Shumba in the music arena came as a game-changer in the awakening of Chimurenga genre.

While his voice resembles Mukanya’s hay days, the difference is found in the composition of artwork.

The album itself is composed of various traditional components fused with traditional rhythm.

The loud soft brassy, gentle natural melodious voice guides listeners through an emotional landscape on a live performance.



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