Battle for Supremacy: Ginimbi vs Java

THE ongoing battle for supremacy between businessman and socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure and self-styled prophet Passion Java has left many people arguing who is richer than the other.

Before, Java came into the limelight, Ginimbi was the talk of the town hosting lavish all white parties and showing off his fleet of top of the range vehicles, which include customized Range Rovers, Rolls Royces and Bentleys among many other poshy cars.

He was arguably the king of the city, and he was even quoted by a local radio station saying cars were like flowers to beautify his yard.

Then came Java who scooped the limelight by dissing Ginimbi in what became a beef between the two money moguls.

Java took a swipe on Ginimbi when he was on a speed boat in Bahamas when he told his fans not to compare him with Ginimbi who lived in Domboshava (a settlement outside Harare).

The self-styled prophet said he could not be compared to Ginimbi as he was richer than him and could not be compared to the socialite.

Ginimbi then responded by recording a video in a hotel in a Hotel in a spacious presidential suite with its own elevators and filled with elegancy.

After the sometime the two seemed to have buried the hatched when pictures of them together went viral on social media.

This battle for supremacy between the two money moguls got people talking and arguing who has more money than the other.

According to information athand, Ginimbi owns a gas company, Piko Trading, Dreams Night Club, a USD $4 million house in Domboshava and has top of the range cars that include Range Rovers, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini which is in transit among many other vehicles.

Java, on the other hand, owns a USD $2 million mansion in United States of America (USA), has Range Rovers, a Mercedes Benz GLE class, a Maserati Quattro, Rolls Royce, and a Lamborghini, besides being a prophet with a church in Beverly Hills.

He recently bought his wife a Lamborghini Urus which he bragged about saying one of its wheels can buy a house in Chitungwiza and the four wheels can buy four houses in the same area and leaves a change that can buy another car.

Other properties, assets and businesses owned by these two rich fellows are not known besides them flaunting their wealth.

The two, months ago reportedly resumed their beef when Ginimbi imported his 2019 Bentley GT continental convertible and said it was not for hire which people took it that Java hired cars to compete with Ginimbi.

In response, Java posted a video standing on his USD$400 000 yellow Lamborghini Aventandor mocking Ginimbi saying his yard was given by a chief in Domboshava and he should not compete with him.

He later posted another video where he hired a private jet and admitted that it was hired but for that time it was his as he was in charge.

These turn of events between the two has created two camps, one that supports Ginimbi and another that supports Java.

The Ginimbi camp argue that if Java is rich as he says, he must bring his cars to Zimbabwe because Ginimbi buys the cars and pays an 85 percent duty for them to be brought to Zimbabwe which is more like buying the car twice whereas Java only buys the cars in America and have them delivered to his house without paying duty.

The Java camp, on the other hand, argue that the prophet is richer that Ginimbi as evidenced by his lavish lifestyle and where he stays.

Java was instrumental in sponsoring the GaraMumbaIwe concerts where he paid artists to perform during the ongoing lockdown period.

However, the question still remains who is richer than the other has the two are only competing in buying and showing off their vehicles.

Recently, Ginimbi imported a red Ferrari which was mocked by Java saying it was cheaper than his Lamborghini.

Barely a week after the arrival of the Ferrari, Ginimbi posted an orange Lamborghini similar to one that Java owns, the Lambo which is believed to be in transit.

Having this all said, the question remains, who is richer among the two socialites? Is it Ginimbi or Java?

Part 2 to follow in our next edition…

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