Botso – The Indignation, a Visual Threat short film trailer is now available on their YouTube official channel.

Botso is a 24 minute short film shot in August 2019 in Goromonzi. The film was supposed to be released earlier but faced numerous challenges from load shedding to lack of proper post production facilities and expertise. The film, therefore, spent one year in post production.

Botso is a film about a young man who assaults his mother. His life takes a new trajectory experiencing a life full of nightmares as punishment for his misdeeds.

Why would viewers care to watch Botso?

“Botso The indignation gives valuable moral lessons encouraging people to honour their parents as there may not be a solution to the consequences. The film helps our generation understand the strength of these moral values and that the values should always be respected regardless of technological advancements,” said Welensky Kaseke.

“Botso The Indignation was made by inexperienced filmmakers – Visual Threats Films – but the time spent in post production gave us the ability to address most mistakes we may have made during production and add more elements that we had not thought of when we shot the film. We were able to carefully select scenes and shots which were really unnecessary to come up with a perfectly cut and well paced short film.

The Cast

Leo Ericks Jakata plays Tonde – the main character with Fadzai G.D Gwenhe and Richman Kaseke plays the role of Tonde’s mother and father respectively.

The Technical Team

The film was written and directed by Welensky C Kaseke and produced by Richman Kaseke. Leo Ericks Jakata was responsible for cinematography while the art was directed by Markson Mtonga

The film is expected to premiere on 1 August 2020 available on Visual Threats Films YouTube channel.

The film was made using the ‘Resource Based Filmmaking’ method. The team gathered everything they had access to and went shooting. They could not afford a traditional budget yet the film had to be made.

Visual Threat Films

Visual Threats Films is a film production house formed on Oct 3 2018 by Welensky Kaseke, Clinton Dzemunyasi, Markson Mtonga, Leo Jakata and Richman Kaseke. The quintet was motivated to form a film company intended to produce ‘better films’.

“We started shooting using cellphones until we got help from established filmmakers who would assist with DSLRs cameras. Our first short film was Godspeed”.

Welensky said.

“Our objective is to give valuable moral lessons to this and coming generations through more films with great lessons. In terms of creativity, I feel like we have all that is necessary. The rest is just some technical stuff which might not be relevant.

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