Brity Yonly releases Tinzwe Kuchema

China-based Chinyakare artist, Brity Yonly, has released an emotional video for Tinzwe Kuchema. The colourful song blends mbira and drums creating a breathtaking jit vibe.

By the look of things, it looks like Brity Yonly is only started and determined to conquer the space and maintain supremacy on Chinyakare vibes.

Tinzwe Kuchena by Brity Yonly

In the song, Brity laments for God to hear the people’s cries, she maintains the cry is a serious and genuine one, a plea for help. She testifies that humans have failed and now it’s up to God to deliver His people who have humbled themselves.

Brity Yonly, an award-winning artist, is proving to be the Ambassador of Art for Zimbabwe. She is emerging as a champion of human rights too.

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