Brity Yonly takes cultural music to another level

The winner of the PPC Zimbabwe Music Awards, Chinyakare/Chimurenga category Whitney “Brity Yonly” Matiyenga takes cultural music to another level as she now teaches mbira in a foreign land.

By Nyarai Chidzero

The China-based musician stated that she chose Chinyakare music category because it resonates well with her mbira skills and the African culture.

In these modern days where most young musicians are involved in the foreign music genres, Brity Yonly strongly believes it is her duty as an African to carry the flag and shine .

“As an African I value my identity more than anything else,” she said.

Brity Yonly believes that the industry can improve if the government and the local people support what is produced by local musicians .

” I think our music industry can improve if we got more support from the local and government”,said Matiyenga.

Whitney “Brity Yonly” Matiyenga owns a home studio located in China making it easy to make her music in a foreign land.

Above all Brity Yonly encourages everyone to be serious in everything they do if they wish to succeed and also to be proud of who they are.


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