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ZIMBABWEAN born artist Kudakwashe Morgan Mabuto is making waves in Australia and is set to release a single called “I’m Back” on November 13.

Captain Kuda as he is affectionately known in the showbiz industry is currently residing in the beautiful city of Gold Coast in Australia.

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe Captain Kuda has a strong unmatched passion for music since primary school when he started writing his own songs.

His music is influenced by many artists from many different genres including Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Edwin Hama, Ebony and Ivory, Hard C.O.R.E, Dire Straits, Carlos Santana, Capleton, Sizzla, Leonard Mapfumo, XQ just to name a few.

This highlights his diversity in production and collaboration from Hip-Hop to House music, from Reggae to Dance music he has endless tricks up his sleeves.

After high school in Zimbabwe, Captain Kuda went to Australia to study Music and Film and ever since then the dream to be a musician and a producer has continued to bloom and open more doors for him.

Captain Kuda

Captain Kuda has worked on music since his high school days and even though many of his songs did not make it into the public spectrum he has a broad archive of songs from when he stated that he hopes to release one day to show where it all began.

After graduating in Australia Captain Kuda returned to his homeland in Zimbabwe at the end of 2011 and released projects like How Further, “Mumhanzi Ngaurire” and the one that managed to be picked on the radio was “Kanguva”.

Kanguva is an energetic, upbeat House song about asking a girl to give him a chance to show her his love for her. Shout to PowerFM DJ Hazvi for giving that song a chance.

Captain Kuda released his EP titled “Ridza” which got a good response with a lot of his Zimbabwean audience and has the majority plays on every platform.

To show his audience he was back in the city of Gold Coast in 2015 Captain Kuda released Gold Coast “Coco” Remix and then did his own remix to Designers Panda called “Land Down Under.”

Earlier in 2016 with the political issues happening back in his home country Captain Kuda released Gadziro, a very strong message against the deceased Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party due to their apathy and brutal treatment of Zimbabweans including the corruption and misuse of power which led to the grand collapse of the Zimbabwean economy leaving people to unimaginable suffering that is only worsening with the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Last year, Gold Coast hosted the Commonwealth Games and Captain Kuda did a collaboration with Becci Lee and made a song for the Games titled “Good One” which got airplay on Radio Metro on the Gold Coast.

Currently he has managed to start fully focusing on his music and released “They Don’t Really Care About Us” on the 9th of September, another strong song targeted towards highlighting the message to many people of how the world is actually being run and how none of the powers running the world actually care for the lives of the people, the animals and in all aspect the well-being of Mother Earth.

“Deception has been the key that enabled us to be lied to and manipulated for centuries.”

The upcoming song “I’m Back” is to be released on the 13th of November has catchy afro-beats production by EmeraldP On Da Beat.

On the song, Captain Kuda announces how he is back to doing what he loves most and he is bringing the good tunes.

Captain Kuda is back doing music and people should all be on the lookout for the many songs he is currently finishing off.

He promises the diversity and positivity of his music with many collaborations and big releases all scheduled for next year but with the chance of the upcoming Top Shotta and PaHarare getting an early Summer release date.

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