The Celebrity Club is a private exclusive club for people who desire to connect, share and support each other in business and society. The Club emphasizes privacy, teamwork and growth.

Why join The Celebrity Club?

Being a part of The Celebrity Club helps you gain and expand knowledge, build networks and become part of a social business club.

Benefits of joining The Club

1. Publicity via Celebrity websites and social media.
2. Access to Celebrity merchandise at discounted prices
3. Publicity through Celebrity Magazine monthly
4. Endorsement and networking opportunities through events and Pombonoka.
5. Access to monthly and annual parties exclusive for members.
6. Free display of fliers at events or club house.
7. Publicity beyond Celebrity on the internet
8. Access to Pombonoka online and offline (under construction) features like parties, etc
9. Personal development through seminars, workshops and masterclasses available to members
10. Business advisory and support services to members.

How to join The Celebrity Club?

You can complete the FORM AVAILABLE HERE and wait for a representative to contact you with the news of your admission. If you do not receive a call from The Celebrity Club, you may have failed to meet the requirements.

Contact The Club

The Celebrity Club is not open to the general public therefore do not share without permission. For queries kindly call +263719127936, +263786189789 or +263776375819 or Email The Celebrity Club