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CHIMURENGA musician Chief Shumba has roped in prophet T. Freddy and have penned a song on people’s cries during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, on his upcoming album set to be released after the lockdown.

The duo has recorded a song which speaks about people’s cries during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, as the album “Polonium 210” takes hwenje music to another stage.

Chief Shumba has been in the studio with Dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu, Baba Harare, Romeo Gasa, and Mathias Mhere.

The album is expected to attract a lot of listeners in the music industry as Chief Shumba fuses his Chimurenga genre with other genres.

He said besides Polonium 210 and he was also working on another album called Jackson Chimbere which is also set to be released this year.

With Baba Harare, Chief Shumba recorded Ndakuona, Mira Newako with Romeo Gasa, Tiyambutse with Mathias Mhere and Warwadziwa with Sulumani.

“My fans were calling out for more collaborations that is why I had to do this album so that I give them what they want. Now we are leading. We have Munhondo featuring Slizer on the market and it is doing very well. I would also want to tell my fans to expect fireworks because this album is awesome,” he said.

The emerging of Chief Shumba came as a surprise in the game with fans falling in love with his latest debut album titled Judas Mutengesi.

The album was launched on the 14th of February this year on Radio Zimbabwe. Since then, the grew some audience has been magnanimous.

The album features hit songs such as Munondo featuring Botswana’s Slizer, Zendemu, Nditakure, Machembere, Chikopokopo, Njere and among others.

The traditional music fans have not only likened the fellow artist but have set him on a benchmarking thread with Mukanya.

Chief Shumba’s emergency in the music arena came as a game-changer in the awakening of Chimurenga genre.

While his voice resembles Mukanya’s hay days, the difference is found in the composition of artwork.

The album itself is composed of various traditional components fused with traditional rhythm.

The loud soft brassy, gentle natural melodious voice guides listeners through an emotional landscape on a live performance.


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