Chiyama salutes filmmakers

A Harare based actor Robert Chiyama salutes filmmakers who have produced one or more films during the Covid-19 lockdown and producers who are outsourcing resources elsewhere for the industry to stand firm.

Mr Chiyama applauded everyone who managed to produce films in this current situation whereby there is an economic crisis and a horrible pandemic in the country.

“I salute everyone who has shot a film or films in this current situation. Most producers are outsoursing¬† resources elsewhere¬† just for us to to have a film industry.”

The vibrant actor went on to show concern over the lack of full support from the government and its attitude towards the arts sector and the unwillingness of it to approve more licences and open more tv channels so that content being produced can be seen. He added that 3D can be an added advantage if filmmakers work on it.

Chiyama admits having encountered challenges as an actor and the major challenge has been working for dishonest producers.

“Yes I have been used by a certain producer on adverts and then get loads of stories instead of an agreed paycheck,” said Chiyama and he believes the best way to tackle this kind of abuse is by signing contracts before work so as to avoid such abuses.

Robert Chiyama on Kanukai

As an actor, Chiyama believes that the first step he can do to upgrade the industry is to realize what he as an individual can change and change it and for him having been enrolled at different schools of acting was a step to upgrade the industry.

“I went to Robert Mushengu’s school of acting for a year. I also did editing@ PMT school but lessons where stopped because of the load shedding and I was also enrolled @ Zambezi Film School but briefly stopped because of covid 19”

Robert Chiyama featured in film productions such as Cook Off (2017), The Hero, Diaspora, Madinamutanu (2018), Murindagomo, Zim Tales (Kuzviparira, 2019), Kanukai, Musikana Weshamwari (2020) and theatre production such as Harvest of Thorns as Benjamin Tichafa(2018), Vicious as Baba Dorcas (2018) and various plays under Patsime Trust.

For Robert Chiyama, acting is not a hoby but a profession and he advises other actors to take the job serious so that their actions stops pulling the industry down and affecting those who see it as a God given way of living. Chiyama also encourages upcoming actors to live the life God created for them.

Robert on Murindagomo 2020 movie

“If God created you to be an actor and you know it please stop sinning and live the life you were created to live”, said Chiyama.

Besides acting, Chiyama is a professional photographer with a video and photo shoot studio in Southlea Park which is his major source of income. He also does catering at the same time he is a jack of all trades as long as it brings food legally on the table.

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