Cinema Society to conduct a 6-Day Hands On Screenwriting Refresher Course

The Cinema Society of Zimbabwe has organized a 6 Day Hands-On Screenwriting Refresher Course to equip attendees with the art of screenwriting with the goal of producing their own films. The course has practicals in which attendees write their own screenplay and produce a short film. Below is the full information.

6-Day Hands On Screenwriting Refresher Course

Screenwriting Refresher Course

Our Screenwriting Refresher Course is a hands-on 6-day class designed to introduce students to the art and craft of digital filmmaking. The workshop is an excellent way to learn the language of cinema and the tools of filmmaking. Being a project-based course, each student writes their own short film with the best screenplay chosen for group production.  Students will then be assigned to create a short fiction screenplay to be produced into a short film. Both screenplay and short film will be assessed. 

The interactive course is hands-on geared to developing filmmaking skills.  The Screenwriting Refresher Course will cover the basics of writing, producing, directing, cinematography and editing. 

Students will have access to filmmaking equipment and edit their films using Adobe Premiere Pro. At the end of the workshop, students will screen their films at the Thursday Film Club in front of their peers, friends, and family.

This Screenwriting Refresher Course is 6-day, full time.

Course Outline

  1. Visual Communication
  2. Storytelling (Organic and Experimental)
  3. Character, Structure and Conflict
  4. Screenwriting Process
  5. Practical: Students write and produce own films.

Schedule: 8 – 13 October 2021 from 0900 – 1530hrs

Requirements: Must be at least 16 years old

Tuition:  30 USD Everyone and 15 USD CSZ Members

The course will be conducted in compliance with COVID19 regulations. Limited Place. Book Now.

Contact Cinema Society

Afrotopia Enthuse Afrika office, First Floor Construction House, 110 Leopold Takawira Avenue, Harare. Mobile: 0776 375 819

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