Econet BidBuddie – a gamechanger

Ecocash app, BidBuddie, is a gamechanger. The app allows users the opportunity to auction their wares from anywhere provided they have a smartphone.

Using the application is also a breeze and simple as the app sports a clean interface. All an Android user need to do is head over to Google Play here, download and install the app to their mobile phone.

Once downloaded a user can scour through the 14 categories which includes fashion, celebrity bids (we have no idea what they are), agriculture, hobbies, tools and electronics.

A listing has a title, description, location, category, images of the item, a start date, duration (maximum auction duration is 5 days) and starting price.

Our verdict
The interface is colourful, modern and appealing with clean fonts. Another plus is that the application is fast to load since we are done with slow apps.

The major takeaway for now of BidBuddie is the ability to use it without internet data on Econet lines, notifications whenever there is an activity on an item you are interested in or someone asks a question on the product you listed..

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