Editorial Policy

Celebrity is an online newsgazine that provides information and news celebrities in Zimbabwe and across the world.

This Editorial Policy applies to the activities of the newsgazine team in producing the Celebrity.

1. Content
Celebrity will give preference to news and events in Zimbabwe. It seeks to create a newsgazine which offers readers variety and a fair, informed and balanced view of news and events relevant to the status quo.
Celebrity will focus on positive and uplifting news which seeks to build the country’s capacity and social capital. It will assist local advertisers to distribute their news and stories.
The newsgazine seeks to support the readers in their understanding of local celebrities, their lifestyle and news surrounding them.

2. Trust and accountability
The trust and respect of the readers depend on editorial independence and integrity. Independence and responsibility are inseparable. The Editor, under the guidance of this policy and direction from the Management Committee, has editorial responsibility.

3. Accessibility
Celebrity is committed to being accessible by everyone across the continent. This includes ensuring a variety of online materials are used, that all publications are easy to read and access.

4. Privacy
Privacy is necessary to human dignity and every person reasonably expects that their privacy will be respected. But privacy is not absolute. Celebrity seeks to balance the public interest in respect for privacy with the public interest in disclosure of information and freedom of expression.

5. Accuracy
Celebrity’s duty is to ensure that the gathering and presentation of news and information is accurate according to the recognised standards of objective journalism. Credibility depends heavily on factual accuracy.
The newsgazine requires that reasonable efforts must be made to ensure accuracy in all fact-based content. Celebrity gauges those efforts by reference to the type, subject and nature of the content; the likely audience expectations of the content; the likely impact of reliance by the audience on the accuracy of the content; and the circumstances in which the content was made and presented. This may include, wherever possible, contacting organisations and individuals to offer comment on news where it is known a story may involve them.
Celebrity’s accuracy standard applies to assertions of fact, not to expressions of opinion. An opinion, being a value judgement or conclusion, cannot be found to be accurate or inaccurate in the way facts can. The accuracy standard requires that opinions be conveyed accurately, in the sense that quotes should be accurate and any editing should not distort the meaning of the opinion expressed.

6. Inclusion
Celebrity seeks to be inclusive of all groups and individuals within the country and will endeavour to use a range of avenues to engage everyone. This will include encouraging local writers, journalists and individuals to submit stories, images and letters. Letters and stories may be edited to ensure readability, for understanding, for legal, clarification, space or other reasonable reasons and may, after publication online, reproduce or deal with the letter (in whole or in part) on the internet or in other media.

Celebrity Editorial Policy 2019

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