Eunice Tava – an angel among us.

Multiple award winning actress, director and humanitarian, Eunice Tava, born Chiratidzochedenga Eunice, has been all hands on the deck ensuring the under privileged have something to wear, a meal for the day, and in some cases, meeting their medical bills. Despite being an accomplished actress, Eunice, through her Foundation, has spent more hours on the street attending to the needs of the less privileged.

Helping vulnerable members in society makes Eunice happy.

Does she have enough capacity to help given the many children on the streets that need help? Moreover, her job is compounded by COVID19 decimating breadwinners resulting in an increase in child headed families and more children coming to live on the streets.

Eunice’s philanthropic efforts, through Chedenga Foundation, caught the attention of The Celebrity Club;

Eunice Tava and her work at Chedenga Foundation (1)

Eunice Tava and her work at Chedenga Foundation

We have been following silently at the humanitarian work you have been carrying out through Chedenga Foundation. Can you explain what you have been up to?

Thank you for recognizing the work we are doing. It is very rare to be noticed. Chedenga Foundation has been quite busy despite the lockdown. We have been continuing with our program – A Meal A Day – where we feed the less privileged kids as well as reuniting some kids with their families as a measure to fight the spread of COVID-19 among the kids in the streets.

What motivates you to do what you do for the homeless and the less privileged?

I believe I was born with the spirit of helping others. I grew up in a family which was not rich. My mother and my uncle, whom I stayed with, would give me some money while in high school in Bulawayo.  Without their knowledge I would keep all the monies they gave me as pocket money. I would use the money to buy bread for those who lacked more than us every time I went to the rural area during holidays.  I would caution them not to tell anyone in case my mother would suspect me of misbehaving or being naughty with boys. While growing up, I was easily moved by sad situations and could sacrifice and play a part in changing that situation according to my ability at the particular point in time. An act of kindness made me feel good –  joy fills my soul when transformation occurs.

What are the challenges that you are facing as a humanitarian?

When I started serving kids in the streets of Harare with tea, 5 years ago, I would go to certain points and afford to serve a maximum of 19 kids per day from my personal resources. Now that I have gone public, it seems the number of those in need and looking up to us is growing but the resources to help them all are not enough. If only we could get more clothes, food or money; we will be able to reach out to more lives.

You have been assisting a Murewa girl who  passed on  (MHDSRIP) after conceited effort to get her medical attention. How does the experience make you feel?

That was so heartbreaking. I had so much hope in her recovery. She had hope too, promising to recite a poem of appreciation after the ‘successful operation’ which never was.

Eunice Tava and her work at Chedenga Foundation (1)

Eunice Tava and her work at Chedenga Foundation

Chedenga Foundation had added the little girl as one of the beneficiaries under their Education And Career Mapping program. I felt hopeless. I felt more like a ‘loser.’ I did not know how to break the news to the public after all the efforts. It was a hard time for me. I looked at all the other clinic cards for the other kids in the streets who we had taken to medical institutions for treatment during the same period and most of them had recovered but this little girl, despite all the love from Zimbabweans and non Zimbabweans alike and all the tests. It failed. May her dear soul rest in peace!

What are your wishes in respect to the future of Chedenga Foundation?

My prayer is that we get more partners to help carry out our programs so that we are able to reach out and help many vulnerable people without facing financial constraints. My dream is eventually to build an orphanage as it will have far reaching results.

Finally, how has the relationship between Chedenga Foundation and Eddington Hatitongwe paid off?

It has paid off so well. Eddington managed to get clothes that we are distributing to the less privileged and cash that has helped the foundation to address logistics and everyday operations.

About Eunice Tava
Eunice is an actress and director who has worked on numerous productions including Fools Day (Zbc Productions), Suburb D, Sinners, Studio 263, Flowers of Dry Thorns, Chapungu, Chihombiro, Salon.Com and Chipo The Gift.

She has 4 National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) awards for Best Actress and Director.

Eunice was born in Kwekwe and grew up in Mhondoro.


Eunice is a rare gem and an angel among us. She did not wait to help at another time when she has plenty to spare. She started with her savings. She started with her lunch money to save humanity. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one. You can partner with Chedenga Foundation to change lives.

Reach out to Chedenga Foundation of Facebook and follow their work. or by phone +263788558768

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