Fartex comes of age

By Desire Tshuma

MUSIC industry is fast changing as younger artists are infiltrating the profession like the one Farai Tavonameso who has produced a  six track hit singles.

Farai whose stage name is Fartex is a young zimdance artist based in Hatcliffe suburbs. He has finally released his first ever six track singles titled ‘Skilful’ .
The singles comprises of  ‘Toitasei ‘ which he questions the almighty God on what can this generation do as they are hard hit by hardships.
The other songs are ‘Sahwira nyonde’ which sends a clear message to his friend who rely on poaching beer every time .
‘Kwamuri’ is also a gospel song whereby he refers all the transgressions to God.
The title track ‘Skilful’  is when he  was invited to a social event and managed to change a boring environment .
The other three songs are ‘Musummer’ Mafaro ayidhakwa ; Kurira Musango and Ndazunza which is his last song .
“l was inspired by Winky D , as a ghetto youth we witness a lot of things happening within our neighbourhood so my music is based on the day to day living experience that is when I started to imitate the zimdance guru Winky D till I discovered that I am capable to produce my own stuff,” said Fartex.
Fartex was born on twenty two January 1997 in Harare in a family of three and he is the youngest .His single mother funded all his project and  he is grateful about that .
“As for my academic history ,I went to Vainona primary and secondary school ,l finished my Advanced level certificate in 2017 ‘elaborated Fartex .’l promise my fans another album early 2020,” he said.
When this writer asked Mr John Muroyi who is the Diamond Studio marketing officer and Fartex producer about the future of this young zimdance artists he said he for see a brightest future as he’s very much committed to his work.

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