Female rapper Sibo partners with international corporates

BREAKING the stereotypical efforts of Zim-Hip Hop, which usually feature rap beefs, and boastful lyrics; new Kosha managed female MC to the scene Sibo flips the script. She had partnered with General Agriculture and Plantation Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ) and 3F, Denmark’s largest and most powerful trade union and unemployment fund, to do a song for Zimbabwean farmers on International Workers Day, with another local rap artist T-ShoC.

Hot off her #LyricFridays campaign, which featured other local artists, ProBeats, NAMA awarded rapper TiGonzi, and fellow Kosha managed brand, Denim Woods, Sibo brings some well thought out lines to the song.

Titled, “Raramo” the song is an expression of unity in Zimbabwe and confrontation to the discrimination that is prevalent.

This song is a tribute to all farm workers in Zimbabwe, and with social issues and COVID-19 driving the news cycle, Sibo dared to wade into these deep waters.

Hip Hop as a genre has proven to have social significance and it has typically acted as an outlet and voice for the marginalized communities and low-income families, as the rap culture echoes the social, economic and political realities of their lives.

Sibo wanted to join the movement and be the voice of an underrepresented group, the farmers of Zimbabwe.

In her song, they are encouraged to work together and support each other, as well as join the workers union.

The song highlights the challenges that farmers face considering the current economic hardships in Zimbabwe as well as COVID-19.

SIBO is thereby seen taking part in a calling to guide and support members of GAPWUZ in these difficult times.

“The song is a reminder that farmers matter. Agriculture is the backbone, everyone needs to eat, and we need to be more aware of their challenges,” Sibo said.

Shoko Festival, in partnership with Magamba Network, Zimbabwe’s leading creative organisation, approached Sibo to engage with this project.

A representative at Shoko Festival said, “Our country is nothing without our workers!”

Asked why she did a song for GAPWUZ, Sibo said “I took part because agriculture is important for the economy, now more than ever. COVID-19 has shown us how connected we are in many ways as the world has ground to a halt but also how vulnerable global supply chains are. We need to do better locally.”

Sibo is currently working on her debut single, to be released after winter through her management arrangement with Kosha.

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