Florence Mudzingwa launches Love Life: The Art Of Living Your Dreams

Florence Mudzingwa launched her debut book called Love Life: The Art Of Living Your Dreams at a colourful event in Harare. Florence is a certified life coach, professional certified counsellor, digital marketer and founder of Hope Resurrect Trust. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Counselling. She is known as Coach Flow in life coaching where she specialises in personal development and emotional intelligence.

Coach Flow surrounded by the blooming Jacarandas reading a copy of Love Life the Art of Living Your Dreams

The Event

The event was attended by the Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Her Excellency Bronte Moules, who was guest of honour, the embassy staff, invited guests, family and friends. Guests and friends in the diaspora tuned in virtually.

The Book

In Love Life the Art of Living Your Dreams, Florence Mudzingwa uses her life experiences, employing courage, commitment and determination to motivate and inspire those in adverse circumstances to dare their limitations and translate dreams into reality. The book walks you through from her childhood to adulthood, sharing the life hurdles she had to jump over to be where she is today.

Love Life: The Art Of Living Your Dreams

Love Life: The Art Of Living Your Dreams is a thought provoking life changing book with more value than advertised. The book explains unique ideas distilled in a direct and endearing pace thereby delivering wisdom gleaned over 40 years in an understandable easy to follow manner.

It is a must-read that empowers reader with a new set of eyes with which to look at the world. The book has many takeaways that seek to create a shift in the reader’s mind affecting their life in a positive way. Once you start reading, avoid highlighters because you will highlight every paragraph from the foreword to the blurb. It is a book that will help many people to discover themselves.

Self Love

According to Coach Flow, you should not let other people’s opinion determine your worth. There is no need to seek anyone’s validation as that affect your growth and love for self. She laments the proliferation of social media and pop culture which has become an unavoidable part of our lives. The result is people comparing themselves and their lives to their online counterparts who get more likes, shares and engagement. Our inability to amass social media mentions eventually misleads us into looking down upon ourselves. It is therefore important to find space to devote to self discovery, find your unique being and appreciate that uniqueness.

Florence challenges readers to be aware of the diverse temptations screaming for attention and learn to control ourselves by prioritising what is important.


Some takeaways you will encounter in Love Life: The Art Of Living Your Dreams;

In its simplest form, self-discipline is to do what you need to do even when you dont want to do it.

Florence Mudzingwa

Society has conditioned us to expect instant results with little effort in everything we do.

Florence Mudzingwa

and lastly

Let me take you back to my childhood ambition to be a flight attendant. As you grow older, you come to terms with acknowledging your weaknesses and strengths.

Florence Mudzingwa

Love Life the Art of Living Your Dreams explores how Florence dealt with her condition at every stage of her life. This book demonstrates courage, hope and strength, and will inspire many people in challenging circumstances to realise that if they dig deeper into themselves, they can scale any height and realise their dreams.

Our Verdict

“Dont judge a book by its cover” is both true and false in the case of Love Life: The Art Of Living Your Dreams. Why? Looking at Coach Flow and her disability would limit your expectations of what she can do and what God has packaged in her. As a result of her physical condition you are biased to be compassionate and empathetic in a stereotypical way. This book will change your mind about her, your attitude towards life and you begin to appreciate the importance of time.

Flipping the coin, I urge you to judge the book by its cover. The pretty inviting colourful visuals speak volumes in respect of the value the book contains within the pages. The book contains life coaching nuggets packaged in 50 pages aimed at changing your life and the lives of those around you. 

It is my sincere hope that more people’s live will be changed by Coach Flow’s book as it changed mine giving me a new perspective through which I now view the world. Im equally challenged and happy that Coach Flow will make a mark in the million lives through her wit and objectivity.

Love Life the Art of Living Your Dreams is available at Amazon. Click here to buy.

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  • Wayne Chiris
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    This is awesome. Welldone coach Flow❤️💪👏🏾

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