From being shy to being drama queen

Clara Chakabveyo

SHE is a modern drama queen, an ex-model, with a cute unique stature that quenches the eyes. Back then she was very shy to venture into the showbiz industry until she recently break the ice and unleashed the greatness within. Now she has featured in eight exciting dramas and short films with Revolution, popular drama screened on Zimbabwe Television (ZTV) unleashing her fame. Her name is Clara Chakabveyo but popularly known as Zodwa on Revolution. Celebrity caught up with Clara and below is the full interview:

Celebrity: Can you tell us a brief background about yourself?

Clara: My name is Clara B Chakabveyo. I am a businesswoman and actresses and I grew up in South Africa where I did my Primary and Secondary school. My first job was at Sheraton Hotel (now Rainbow Towers) after I completed my studies at Fontenies High School in Soweto.

Celebrity: How did you start your career in the drama industry?

Clara: I was in town for business meeting at Eastgate Mall when I met these two gentlemen Eddy Ndlovu and Eddy Sanifolo who asked me if I was interested in acting. They asked me to come to Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) TV for rehearsals which I agreed to but the problem was that I was a little bit scared, the reason being I was shy to talk in front of people. They pushed me so hard to be part of their cast because they believed I was a good character and finally after two months I pulled myself out comfort zone. I decided to combat my shyness, I remember Eddy Sanifolo pushing me so hard such that I had to cry at times and I even decided to give up until they asked this other girl to do my part but because I really wanted to do the part, I told myself will not give up and that is when I pulled the plug. Eddy was amazed and asked me where I was hiding my talent all along. From there onwards that is when I started acting in the series called Revolutions.

Celebrity: How many dramas have you acted? Name them?

Clara: I did eight both short films and series which are CZA, The Company, The Tree, Revolutions, My First Boyfriend, Mababe, Butterfly and The Lamb which is currently on Zambezi Magic.

In CZA, I was a shabeen queen. The film is about football so the players would come and have their drinks and hang out at my shabeen.

In The Tree, I was a daughter-in-law who knew a lot about her in-laws and how they used to get into black magic practices. In

The Company, I was a business woman but lost my company to rival so I had to fight back to retain my company. I took the rival’s child and school and forced the child to sign the company papers so that I could retain it back.

Clara (left) with friends

Celebrity: Besides acting what else do you do?

Clara: I am businesswoman. I am into the trading business and I sometimes do music videos.

Celebrity: What is your guiding philosophy or principle?

Clara: Being hardworking, knowing what I want and focusing on my goals those that I am yearning to achieve.

Celebrity: Who inspired you into acting and how?

Clara: Eddy Ndlovu and Eddy Sanifolo because they wanted someone who was an ex-model and act a character of a businesswoman who runs an agent for models.

Celebrity: What can say about the film industry in Zimbabwe?

Clara: I think the Zimbabwean film industry the take us lightly. We need recognition.

Celebrity: What do you do during your free time?

Clara: I read books, play basketball and hang out with friends.

Celebrity: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Clara: I see myself having my own label and have my own films.

Celebrity: How do you manage emotional situations?

Clara: I usually keep quit.

Celebrity: Any last words…?

Clara: I would love to be an inspiration to youngsters who want to be in the industry make change to the society and work hard in whatever goal you want to achieve.

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  • Martin Ndengu
    2 years ago Reply

    Well done my dear Aunt for unpacking that hidden talent and to those who supported you this far. I am fully behind you, rise and shine and be blessed!

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