From Zero to Hero and still conquering

Boaz Chishiri was born on 11August 1996 and faced a tumultuous time growing up. He lost his parents at a tender age and had to be adopted by by Dr. Fatima Maruta of Rose of Sharon Welfare organization. Currently Boaz is working as a graphic designer and photographer at Rose of Sharon. Boaz founded his own company, Chibird Graphics to produce videos and pictures.

I lost both parents when I was very young due to HIV and AIDS and was left with my grandmother. I grew up in harsh circumstances and I would not go to school herding cattle. Life was not easy for me. Oftentimes I would go on an empty stomach.

Doctor Fatima Maruta heard of the plight of children who were living in excruciating poverty in Chipinge. She set to rescue them.

“I was among 36 children who were rescued from Chipinge. The turning point of my life was when I saw Dr Maruta. My life changed for the better. She made me feel the motherly love I had never felt before. Her words from that day were,” You need to love God, He is your father, mother and your everything.”

Growing up as an orphan causes many to have low self esteem. I broke those barriers and when I was elected to be Junior Mayor of Ruwa. It gave me courage to become the voice of the voiceless and the less privileged.

I learnt that one can do anything in life despite their background. My long term goal is to build Chibird Graphics empire where I impact other orphans and vulnerable children in my community and society, to help them find their passion through my work. I want to be a well known photographer and graphic designer.

If you had a million dollars?
Getting a million dollar would give me the opportunity to build and support orphanages and go to places with destitutes so I can help them find their destiny. There is no respect of persons with God. He loves all and protects all. I will always stand up for the less privileged children and help them

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