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PROMINENT businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure is set the grace Lovely Zimbabwe’s DVD launch set for December 6 at Crown Plaza Monomutapa Hotel in Harare.

The encounter by Lovely Zimbabwe with Ginimbi who is the brand ambassador for Zimbabwe Tourism Authority at his Domboshava mansion yielded great results as he agreed introduce the Lovely Zimbabwe video to the world.

Almost all the foreign artists who participated in the Lovely Zimbabwe video are already in Zimbabwe and others are expected to jet in the country tomorrow.

Ginimbi was chosen among the prominent personalities in Zimbabwe to make a contribution with an inspirational message that shall serve to introduce the DVD before playing at the event as well.

The event is expected to draw a large crowd of audience from across all circles of life who have a passion to see Zimbabwe’s tourism being marketed worldwide.

Lovely Zimbabwe leader Abraham Matuka said the glitz and glamour of Ginimbi’s top of range of cars provided perfect background showing that Zimbabwe is among the great countries.

Maktuka said Gimimbi is a man who works hard and live a great life and will encourage his friends from abroad to visit Zimbabwe.

“It was breathtaking to hear Ginimbi saying that he usually does not grant interviews or even photo shoots with every person because of how he has value in the brand but because the project is about Zimbabwe in which he is proud of he had to give himself to stand and say the same message in the song Come To Zimbabwe and visit our lovely resorts and enjoy.

“This was a confirmation of his positive appreciation and value of the Lovely Zimbabwe project as he agreed to be associated with the nation building initiative as expressed by the song,” said Matuka.

Ginimbi went on to pour his heart to assist Lovely Zimbabwe’s DVD launch in sponsoring in a way to have the national song reach the world in marketing Zimbabwean tourism.

Lovely Zimbabwe observed with humility and admiration how Ginimbi as the brand Ambassador for ZTA portrayed very passionate and loving business man who love’s his country so dearly and willing to do the best in supporting nation building projects like the Lovely Zimbabwe musical initiative to be a worthy cause.


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