Harare City wins HVA 2019 open tournament

Harare City men’s volleyball team

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HARARE City men’s volleyball team emerged as the winners of the Harare Volleyball Association (HVA) 2019 Open Tournament held at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) over the weekend after beating the hosts by 3 points to 2.

The two teams played a set of 5 legs in the finals with Harare City thrashing the former champions UZ Wolves in the final leg after equalizing two games all.

Harare Polytechnic scooped the third position after beating Black Rhinos who then grabbed the fourth position.

At least 7 teams namely Harare City, UZ Wolves, Jewels, Harare Polytechnic, Manyame Airbase Falcons, Agribank and Black Rhinos participated in the men’s category with Harare City scooping the title.

In the ladies category UZ Wolves came first followed by Harare City in the second position and Manyame Airbase Falcons on the third position.

At least 5 teams namely Jewels, UZ Wolves, Harare City, Manyame Airbase Falcons and Harare Polytechnic participated in the tournament.

It was a clash of the titans as the teams battled for honours with players showcasing prowess outsmarting their opponents.

In an interview, Harare City coach Mr Itsanang Abu-basutu said they were happy to have won the tournament as the matches were tough.

“We are very glad to be winning this tournament but there was a lot of hard work which were to be done behind the scenes. My bosses have been with us through and through rendering their support and this is only the beginning as you can see the teams were very tough. We are going to prepare more and try to play well this season.

“We are now gearing up for the next season and we need to tie up some loose ends but I think the boys started very well. They have beaten the champions which is a good start and they have proved they can do it so with more preparations they boys can still do it whilst the girls need more training to prepare for the season,” he said.

Harare Volleyball Association chairman Mr Mandlenkosi Ndlovu said, “This is the Harare Volleyball Association open tournament. What is basically happening is the clubs were off season and they are now preparing for the coming season so they need to combine their players, testing them in fitness and so forth, so we give them a pre-season tournament to say this is a platform whereby they showcase what they have before the ultimate league which is starting early April.

“We have 7 teams in the men’s category and 5 in the women’s and the males are playing in group stages while the ladies are playing on a round-robin whereby the first three are the winners. On this tournament there are no prizes but the winners will be given tokens just to thank them for participating in this tournament,” he said.

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