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Cossy Rules

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KADOMA business man Cosmas Daka popularly known as Cossy Rules is one of the few successful people who came from humble beginnings to become a source of inspiration to the younger generation.

Having become a millionaire at the age of 21, Cossy Rules believes that hard work beats talent when talent does not work.

Celebrity Magazine caught up with the hoodlum of Kadoma and had a chat on how Cossy Rules came from being a sufferer to being a millionaire, his relationship with Tongai Moyo and how the younger generation should work hard to be rich.

Below is what Cossy Rules has to say:


“Cossy Rules was born Cosmas Dhaka 39 years ago in Rimuka, Kadoma. My parents separated when I was young and I grew up staying with my mother in Mayflower (small mining town just outside Kadoma)  then I can back to Kadoma in Waverly when I was doing Grade 5. I then did my Primary and Secondary education in Waverly.

“When my father died in 1997 when I was supposed to go for Advanced Level but then life became very difficult then I came to stay in Harare in 1998. Life was very difficult for me because I was chased away together with my sister from my father’s house by my father’s young brothers. So after we were chased away I went to Harare and stayed in Glenorah in the Short Lines area.

“I stayed in Harare for two years without going back to Kadoma because I was angry and I wanted to go back having worked tangible things. Unfortunately, I did not get a job. The only job I applied for and got called was to become a soldier but I was afraid and did not go.

“I started bodybuilding going to the gym three times a day and become very big. I used to cry every day because life was very difficult for me. I used to think that now that my father has died and my mother is suffering in Kadoma how am I going to make ends meet but my heart used to tell me that I am going to be rich one day. What starts is the heart because when I was going to the gym I would see commuter omnibuses on the road and say to myself I will buy them one day.

“My grandmother whom I used to say with thought I was a lazy person and wanted me to apply to become a guard but because I had passed my Ordinary Level I refused because I  kept on saying to myself that I am going to be rich. I then went back to Kadoma and to my surprise, my uncles were very happy to see me and they offered me a job in mining since they were into mining and mine pegging.”

First made million-dollar

“I am a person who fears to be poor so when I started working I started saving my money then I became a millionaire at a very young age. I was a millionaire in real Zimbabwean Dollars before the inflationary period. I became a millionaire at 21 years and back then it was real money.

“I used to save all the money I got from the mine and whilst I was saving I became friends with the manager at the bank which I had an account with. He advised me that things were going to be tough in Zimbabwe and told me to remove my money from the bank which I did. That is the time I rose because I had liquid cash.

“I married at a very young age because my mother always told me that she wanted to see my child before she died. Unfortunately, she died in 2004.

“I wanted to marry when I was 25 but due to my mother’s influence I got married at 22 and the woman I married then is the same woman I am with now. She is my source of inspiration.”

About the name Cossy Rules

“The name Cossy Rules started when I was at school. I did not want to do what my teachers told me. I wanted to do my own things so I started calling myself Cossy Principles. So from Grade 5, I started calling myself Cossy Principles and when I went to secondary school I then changed it to Cossy Rules because Cossy Principles was longer.

“I used to write Cossy Rules on walls in classrooms and on bridges. The name later made me rich and famous because people thought Cossy Rules is the one ruling the city but for me, I meant the rules of Cossy.”

The Cossy Rules business

“I engaged in buying and selling of gold soon after pegging and registering my own mine. Whilst was trading in gold I bought my first car and had it written “Cossy Rules”. All my customers loved the name because they thought I am the one ruling. People started flocking to me selling their gold to me because of the name “Cossy Rules” and that is how I made more money.

“The police even went against me saying I was boasting about ruling and they wanted to prove that I am nothing just because of the name. Cossy Rules became a big name in Kadoma then I formed a company and called it Cossy Rules.

“As much as people were fighting about why I called myself “Cossy Rules” the more it became a household name in Kadoma.”

Relationship with the late Tongai Moyo

“The person who made the name Cossy Rules popular countrywide was the late sungura maestro Tongai Moyo. I used to have a football team called Cossy Rules FC and I even wanted to buy Moses Chunga and he refused to come to Division One.

“So on Tongai Moyo’s shows, I would take with my football player and supporters to the shows. We would get in with T-Shirts written “Cossy Rules” and the name of the person wearing it so Tongai Moyo used to shout out the name of the person written on the T-Shirt much to the enjoyment of the fans and more people started to flock at Tongai Moyo’s shows in Kadoma.

“For us (me and Tongai Moyo) to be friends, Tongai Moyo was supposed to perform with Leonard Zhakata at a Government function in Masvingo and his car broke down. He looked for a backup vehicle in Kwekwe and could not find one. Tongai Moyo had not called me since but I got a call from Shiga Shiga who said talk to Tongai Moyo.

“I was shocked because we have never talked with Tongai Moyo did not have anything talk about with him. Tongai Moyo then asked to borrow my lorry as he wanted to perform in Masvingo and did not want it to seem like he was sabotaged the event. What shocked Tongai Moyo was that I agreed to give him the lorry and then I drove the lorry to Kwekwe with my team to give him the lorry.

“We went to Kwekwe and arrived around 7 pm but his band members did not want to go to the show. We later carried the instrument and arrived around 4 am and set up the instrument. Tongai Moyo then thanked me a lot and put out a grand performance. He felt that I had done something great and he even borrowed my lorry to do his tours and I gave him. So whenever I attended his shows he would sing about me that how the friendship with Tongai Moyo begins.

“Whenever he passed through Kadoma he would call me to let me know if I am free so that we could see each other not that he wanted something but to strengthen our friendship. We then remained friends up until the day he died. He is the one who popularized the name Cossy Rules.”

Demystification of juju use in gold deals

Cossy Rules believes that hard works pay a lot especially when honest is involved in all the work or deals a person is doing.

“What is more important is honesty. Honesty makes a person get rich. If you are honest and trustworthy you will definitely be rich. You cannot buy honesty, you cannot buy trust but you should be a trusted person for your things to breakthrough. There are no shortcuts to riches. Of cause, many people might say we use juju but there is no such thing as that.

“As for me, I do not believe in the practice of using juju. When I want to peg a mine a go to a place which was formerly used by Germans or big companies. These guys had maps of all the minerals in Zimbabwe so the trick is to follow where Germans used to mine and you will never go wrong.”

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