In case you did not see Celebrity Magazine December 2020 issue

The festive season is upon us and it looks like it was only yesterday, March, that the Covid19 induced lockdown was put in place. Indeed time has flown and the whole world has lost a lot in those 7 months.

While the lockdown was costly due to the untenable cost on human life and economic hours wasted, many people found themselves during those dark times. It became apparent that when cornered most human beings are capable of thinking outside the box.
We were among the cornered folks at Celebrity.

Celebrity Magazine December 2020

However we allowed the discomfort, the pain to box us in to eventually think outside the box. We emerged strong and we feel many people have done the same.

We are grateful to have partnered with International Coaching and Mentorship Foundation (ICMF) as their media partner at the lit 5th International Coaching and Mentorship Annual Awards held at Sango Conference Centre, Cresta Lodge.

The year has not been to fair to Zimbabweans; our economy was poorly performing and then boom Covid19 and death couldn’t have it the other way – Lorraine, Leroy Ginimbi, and Gringo were stolen from our midst.

At a time when we thought Cook Off has made us proud as a nation, death steels the thunder and wallops the very people who entertained us.

They may be gone but not forgotten; we shall forever see them in the narratives they left behind and they will continuously remind us of a past filled with joy and happiness which they helped develop.

Happy holidays and enjoy the treats. Don’t forget to share. Christmas is about sharing. Giving. Giving love, time, an ear and a shoulder to lean on.

Be on the lookout for straying kids. Keep them within your sight – we have cases of children being killed for ritual purposes.

On the road, kindly take it slow and easy. Observe the rules of the road and give others the right of way. Better late than being the late. Don’t drink and drive. Make sure your car is in good condition and roadworthy. We got tips in the magazine too.
Be merry and enjoy

Richard wekwa Tentone

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