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TODAY goes in the history of Lovely Zimbabwe as one of the most important meetings that continue to open more doors.

Mr Abraham Matuka and Mr Chikwizo of Lovely Zimbabwe had an excellent encounter with greatness, the new Ambassador for Indonesia, H.E Mr Dewa. M. Juniarta Sastrawan at his office in Harare.

His humbling message centered on cultural exchange programs because of the love, harmony and unity it portrays to all nations.

He praised the Lovely Zimbabwe for a project worth supporting promised to support it in every way possible.

The Ambassador had great words to the team saying this is the best tool of marketing Zimbabwe tourism in Indonesia and to all countries represented by the artists.

He applauded the multi lingual language in the song bringing an easy communication to the nations represented by the artists.

The Ambassador gave a great applaud to Mr Matuka the Zimbabwean artist for coming up with this great concept of marketing Zimbabwe as he said it will cement a great relations on our countries.

Indonesia participated with their artist Harry in the marketing song and the Indonesian Ambassador agreed that this was the best marketing strategy of engaging the world at people to people level.

The audio and video is set to be played in 9 counties which have much population number in the world these are China, India Indonesia Malaysia Palestine Pakistan Angola DRC and Kenya with all artists in the song representing their countries.

Song of the artists in the Lovely Zimbabwe team have already started jetting in for the launch of the video.

Matuka also had great words appreciating the warm reception he got from the Ambassador at the embassy.

“Meeting His Excellency the Indonesian Ambassador was a humble opportunity. The Ambassador speaking about the love on Zimbabwean people and out nation really was something which I felt so proud of.

It’s something we will keep on cementing relationship with Indonesia and all embassies on people to people diplomacy, that supported the project giving us their artists to sing about our Zimbabwe Lovely Zimbabwe is all about our beauty Zimbabwe in tourism and our loving Zimbabwean people who are so welcoming to all nations in our country,” says Matuka.

The DVD launch to come by month end of November, Indonesia promised to be there and Lovely Zimbabwe shall forever be grateful for the good bilateral relations that exist between Zimbabwe and Indonesia.


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