iTex engages youths on cyberbullying

A focus group discussion of youths during a cyberbullying awareness campaign

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AN Information and Technology company iTex is engaging youths and young adults from around the city on cyber bulling and how they can deal with negative impacts of social media.

Situated at corner Third Street and Central Avenue, iTex held an awareness campaign of the effects on social media in the capital conscientizing youths on proper use of social media.

This follows the leaking of explicit videos and pictures on social media mostly among young people which has resulted in some youth becoming suicidal.

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means and it also known as online bullying.

At the focus group discussions, during the campaigns, youths were taught on proper use of social media and the positivity it has on information dissemination.

They looked at cyber bullying, production and dissemination of explicit content and organized crime and
how it is used to extort money from young people who would not want their parents and or guardians to know.

iTex chief innovations officer Mr Clarence Kwasara said the awareness campaigns came as a response to the outcry of some youths who were bullied on social media and could not break the silence after being victimized.

“We are reaching out to all the youths in our society to create an awareness and how to use social media responsibly because they are the most affected parties when it comes to cyber bullying. We are also getting feedback from these young adults on how we can improve on protection of privacy and counter measures to curb such things as dissemination of explicit content and violence on youths.

“We started off as a small technology company dealing in cellphones, computer and IT consumables and we saw the need to conscientize the youths about proper use of technology after noticing that most of our clientele were university students, college and high school students who were not aware of the benefits of social media,” he said.

Mr Kwasara added, “We are also planning into looking at creating mobile applications that will able to help those who are victimized through social media and create more awareness campaigns.”

iTex is an information and technology company specializing the sale of all technological equipment across the city.

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