Kanto Dem’s 2020 success story

HAVING a passion for music, the COVID-19 pandemic could not stop him from achieving his goals. Elder Kanto Dem has embraced the ongoing lockdown and produced tracks and a riddim that has seen him telling his success story. Celebrity caught up with Kanto and below is what he has to say:

Kindly tell us about your successes in 2020.

The year 2020 is a tough year considering the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic but I have managed to pick out one or two things in this tough era. I managed to release my video for the track called Baba which I dropped on the 17th of May. I have also dropped handful of singles from the EP called Love Chronicles which is yet to be officially released.

I have been trying to make art with substance, music that conveys a neglected aspect of social life, there by successfully producing anti-incest riddim which through entertainment tries to educated and advocate for our moral uprightness, though it did not reach greater heights the fact that intended message was sent, means I achieved one of my 2020 goals. The riddim features local young artists viz Nayman, Gyl Gee, Dugaine, Kweto and myself had w tracks on it, the most interesting part is we all did a song about anti incest which I think is a must listen.

Kanto Dem’s 2020 success story

What are the songs that you have produced that have received fair airplay?

Lately people are requesting songs from my previous album Conscious Mind tracks like Rino gore,When I love and Tipei Nguva have received a bit of airplay on the most popular radio station and shows.

You have been in the industry for some time, which successful artists have you worked with?

Locally I have worked with a lot of prominent artists speaking of Van Chogaand the likes. I started working with him back in 2013. Boss Pumacol, Cally C, Sweetnes, Kadjah the list is endless and regionally I have worked with Namibians, (Uncle V, Tuli 94, Kangweson and Rashehama) and Kenyans (Berine Koroso and Spance). Internationally I have worked with Cornell Philips from Dominican Republic, Diamond White from UK and I also have good links with some Nigerian, Zambian and Ugandan artists.

Elder Kanto Dem on the sidelines of Baba video shoot

Apart from producing music, what else do you do?

I am an artist; I think I am better defined by the word “art”

The COVID-19 pandemic is a blow the world over, how did you adapt?

Covid is real. Firstly, I am trying to take all precautionary measures and secondly I am trying to engage my fans, friends and all interested stakeholders on social media, meaning whenever I have a new offering the only place to access it is though my social media handles

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