Life Lessons I Learnt At The Centre of The Earth

I was locked in the horns of deep slumber when I felt a strong urge to visit the bathroom. I tossed about in bed as I made attempts to free myself from the captivity of heavy sleep.
When I finally gained my consciousness I opened my eyes to a captivating sight – a man of a great stature, spanning almost three meters, stood by my bed side.

Out of panic, I could have screamed my lungs out, but the most glaring smile he wore thawed the dread that accompanied this spectacle. Everything in me froze in deep amazement, I held my breath for a while with my eyes fixed on this being.

That’s the only instrument on my body that I could use to keep him in his distance though I felt naked and defenseless in his presence. I couldn’t turn to wake my wife who slept peacefully on my side since I wasn’t yet sure of what this humongous creature could do to me if I ever shifted my eyes from him.

When he unfolded his hands from his heavenly attire that streaked with ‘vibrenium-like’ pure blue energy, he motioned to announce his mission. (Vibrenium is a fictitious energy that trends in the Marvel’s Black Panther Movie).

I heard the sound of a thousand torrents when he opened his mouth to speak. He grabbed me by the chest and snatched me out of my bed. We grooved thousands of miles to the centre of the earth within a blink of a second.

When we got to the core, he opened a great iron door that seemed ancient, inside was a great chamber that looked like a sea of papyrus.

Scrolls and books were lined orderly in columns according to dispensations of mankind. My desire for information and knowledge was outmatched because I didn’t know where to start in case I was asked to search for something.

I overheard a conversation from the echoes of the chamber. The seven guardians of our planet were in a meeting. The main subject of their discussion was the need for saviors to emerge from the earth. These people would stand as accomplished Gatekeepers on the seven mountains of influence, influencing the world to the obedience of God.

Their meeting ended the very moment we arrived in the boardroom and one of them revealed the wisdom of the ancients to me.

“The world is currently in a dispensation they call ‘Information Age’, but we need you to understand that information is the least we desire to impart to the earthmen.

In order to make lasting impact to the occupants of your planet, we implore you to function four dispensations or ages ahead of them.” He paused for a while, perhaps in an attempt to sink his empowering speech into me.

“As they operate in Information Age, go deeper into the Age of Understanding, because a house is held in one place by the depth of its foundation, not necessarily the beauty of its trusses.”

He advised me to tighten my seatbelt as he took me through the four phases I need to complete on the cruise to the Age of Understanding.

This is the content you find between the two covers of a book. Most communities have libraries and some houses have bookshelves, but the information in those books doesn’t benefit them because the take lightly or they are unaware of the objective of the one who made that information available.

In the end they relegate their libraries to mere houses of information. The information that benefits you is not the one in your bookshelf, but the one that has gained access to your head. It’s folly to have access to information and not use it to your advantage.

One can only have knowledge when they fulfil the objective of the one who made that information available. It is the objective of every writer for his work to be read. It is the information you import into the two hemispheres between your ears that turns into knowledge.

Knowledge makes you a master of another man’s thoughts, but parking here will make you a parrot of what they taught you.

You will only find yourself good in regurgitating their formulas and not your own, yet you habour the potential to outgrow your teachers. Be careful of decadence that knowledge brings if not upgraded to the next level. In his ancient scrolls, King Solomon wrote that in much knowledge there’s sorrow.

The rightful application of knowledge to a specific scenario turns it to wisdom. Some people stored much knowledge in their lifetime, but the confusion is in rightful application. In this recession, I know two teachers in my neighborhood, one is flourishing and another is dead broke, yet both of them are planted in the same teaching knowledge.

One saw the peanuts they are getting from civil service as an opportunity to start home lessons, ultimately he grew that into a private college. Another saw that as a reason to grumble whilst the mortality clock is fast ticking to his death.

Baptise yourself in the knowledge that the ultimate objective of knowledge is to draw wisdom from it as need arises.

The ability to draw value from wisdom is what we term understanding. Understanding establishes you as an authority in your domain. It causes people to travel from far coasts in pursuit of this treasure.

What made Solomon a king of repute though he was still a youth was that he petitioned God for understanding of heart and in turn God granted him knowledge, wisdom, fame and wealth as by-products of understanding. Focus on the understanding, the by-products will attach to it as slaves follow their king wherever he turns.

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