Lighting for film

Why is lighting important in filming? Lighting illuminate the form of the subject or actor.

Basic Lighting for Filming
We have 3 basic lights in filming which is normally set on a three point lighting set up. These are The Key light, Back Light and Fill Light. All make up 3 point lighting set up, a standard method used in visual media. By using 3 separate positions, the Cinematographer can illuminate the subject any way they want, while also controlling shadow produced by direct Lighting.

What is Key light?
It is the primary source of the scene, it is the most intense and direct light source. Generally the Key Light will illuminate the form of the subject or actor. Avoid placing Key light near camera or your light will become flat and featureless.

What is Back Light?
A back light hits an actor or subject from behind. It is placed higher than the object that it is lighting. Back lights are used to separate an object or actor from a background. They give more shape and depth. Back Lights help the frame feel three- dimensional.
The sun is a great back light, you can use reflector or bounce the sun at a lesser intensity to the back of the subject.
If a back light is placed behind an actor at an angle it is called a “Kicker”

What is a Fill Light?
A fill light cancels out the shadows created by the Key Light. A fill light is placed opposite of the Key Light. And usually not as powerful as Key Light.
Fill light does not create shadows on it’s own characteristics.

For today l think we can end here, any contribution and questions please it’s open let’s learn and grow together.

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