Lights Out releases Dancehall Singles Collection

Lymon Moyo (Lights Out, Lights Wakobulawayo) is a 27 year old young man born and bred in the City of Kings and Queens, koBulawayo in the streets of Mzilikazi suburb. Lymon studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Theatre Arts at College of Creative Arts while pursuing a hip hop career which started in high school. He was a member of a school rap group called Loktion Frequency in 2011.

Lights Out went solo in 2016 and in 20117 he released Tsotsi, an album that sold over 120 copies in the streets Kwantuthu. The album contained a hit single titled ‘’Akuzwanwanwa’’ that played on Skyz Metro FM, one of the biggest radio stations in Bulawayo. The album brought Lights Out into the spotlight thereby getting noticed by established artists leading to collaborations.

In 2019, Lights recorded another hit single advocating against Xenophobia featuring the great vocalist Soulchard and Advancer Lyon. The video of the song was played on ZBCTV subsequently getting him an interview on national TV.
The young blood is not only into music, his talent extends to film-making. His short films are found on MZTV YouTube channel.

Lymon Moyo - Lights Out - Lights Wakobulawayo

Lymon Moyo – Lights Out – Lights Wakobulawayo

That’s enough said about history.

Lights never stop working hard. Lights Out has released a masterpiece mixtape titled “Lights Out Dancehall Singles Collection.”

“This will be a game changer for me in my career which is why I’m working hard for it to be a hit,” said Lights.

“Although the lyrics of the songs featured in the mix-tape are purely Lights Out.” He clearly admits that the beats are not original and they were from some of his favourite like Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G who are also inspiring him in the industry.

Regardless of Lights’ tireless hard-work, he admits that, “It is hard and almost impossible for a growing artist to climb the ladder without the help of established artists. It is also not easy to get a feature or help from these big artists as they charge huge amounts that upcoming artists can’t afford for a single feature. The other challenge is that, established artists never approach upcoming artists for a feature in the spirit of helping them to grow.”

In short, Zimbabwean artist are suffering from selfishness and lack of collaborative support for each other.

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