Lights Out working on a mixtape

Lights Out, aka Tsotsi, is currently working on a hiphop mixtape loaded with 10 meaningful and entertaining songs.

“This mixtape basically talks about my life. It talks about me in my own view using original music from Hiphop legends like 2pac, Jay Z, Dr Dre to mention a few.”

What else are you up to?
“Besides music, I am working with an NGO called Mambira Foundation to drill a borehole in my community to ease the water crisis. I have a passion for community work and I love to uplift others. I realized that I don’t have to be a politician to make change.”

Are you working on any films?
“I am currently not doing any filming because of shortage of equipment. I have since developed a Spaza shop at my place to raise money to buy proper equipment so that I can produce my own music videos and pursue my filmmaking profession.

Lights Out was born Lymon Tanaka Moyo.

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