Making great change is not about being rich – the story of I Care You Care Trust

In December 2020 I had the privilege of being invited by the award winning, multitalented artist, Brity Yonly. Brity wanted Celebrity to give a hand during her annual charity work, this time, she was donating to Shepherds Trust in Epworth. It is on the same event that I met a young woman with a band of young girls. The young woman was demonstrating before the eager girls how to use menstrual kits tucked in a beautiful bag.

This day turned out to be eventful as I learned that the evangelizing woman was Miss. Wayne Chiripanyanga, founder of a philanthropic organization called I Care You Care Trust (ICYCT). They were in Epworth donating hygienic kits, “Hygienic Kit For Her”, for the girl child. Since then I have grown to appreciate and respect Wayne’s big heart and her desire to help.

I Care You Care donates to the elderly at Bako reDonhodzo

I Care You Care donates to the elderly at Bako reDonhodzo

“Giving a helping hand is not about being rich or having plenty. No. Its about the heart, the desire to make sure everyone is smiling and hopeful for a better tomorrow.” She says.

Hygienic Kit For Her
Hygienic Kit For Her is meant to boost confidence in young girls as they go through their menstrual cycles. It is not easy for young girls from underprivileged communities to access sanitary wear and in some communities girls end up using unhygienic practices that may lead to diseases in the long term. Either that or they abandon attending school during the days when they are on period.

“I Care You Care Trust’s mission is to use available resources in alleviating the plight of the girl child, the elderly, the differently abled and those with little means.

The organization recently visited a Southlands family that was blessed with triplets, Bako Redonhodzo Old People’s Home and The Mufakose Deaf Community donating groceries.

I Care You Care Trust was founded in 2018 with three trustees and an active membership of young people with the heart to love and share.

“Thanks so much for these donations. May God bless your organization that it prospers more,” a spokesperson for The Deaf Community said.

Pastor Mangwiro posing with Wayne Chiripanyanga of I Care You Care Trust

Pastor Mangwiro posing with Wayne Chiripanyanga of I Care You Care Trust

The recipients of the donations were overjoyed and expressed happiness at a timely intervention given the numerous challenges they are facing since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that crippled the economy cascading to the donors hitting hard the beneficiaries who, in most cases, have no reliable means of making a living except handouts.

The deaf community also thanked Pastor Mangwiro who joined I Care You Care Trust after he realized he was no match against the challenges the community was facing. Thus, by joining hands with ICYCT they could mobilise and make a huge impact in their charitable cause.

“I am very grateful to I Care You Care Trust for considering the deaf community here in Mufakose. The deaf community is facing acute food shortages and the COVID19 lockdown period was much worse. It caused the people to consume the little savings and the merchandise they had. Now they have no means. ICYCT has given hope to the people through the mealie meal and other groceries donated. My prayer is that we get a farm. If we can get a farm, we are able to fend for ourselves.” Pastor Mangwiro said.

Pastor Mangwiro is a Seventh Day Adventist at Brilion College in Mufakose, a sign language interpreter who has worked with National Aids Council and World Merit Zimbabwe. He works with Sunrise Sign Language Academy, an affiliate of Sign Language Association of Zimbabwe.

I Care You Care Trust at Bako reDonhodzo

I Care You Care Trust at Bako reDonhodzo

Success Stories
“We have partnered with So We Care Foundation, Richards Agricultural Group, The Shepherds Trust, The Mufakose Deaf Communtiy, Celebrity Media, TBD, Tofara Online, Amandla Brands and SMB among others. Through our partnerships we have managed to assist different individuals and groups  from Shepherds Trust in Epworth to The Deaf Community in Mufakose and Bako reDonhodzo Welfare Centre we have assisted today.

“We have started Nyamatsatsi- The Torch Bearer scholarship fund which is paying school fees for children without means. We are praying to open the facility to many children.

“We are facing several challenges from fewer resources; financial constraints to assist our beneficiaries, transport to mobilize resources and we don’t have an office for administrative work. We are also short staffed and we kindly need more volunteers to come and assist.

How to partner?
To partner with I Care You Care Trust and make a difference kindly contact us through our social media platform- we are on Facebook – or email them at

I Care You Care Trust is doing more – they are empowering the girl child to not miss a single school day fulfilling the African proverb “If you educate a girl you educate a whole nation.” Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” – so many children out there need help and I Care You Care Trust can only help so much. Partner with I Care You Care Trust today and help change lives.’

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  • Wayne Chiri
    3 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much Celebrity media for such a gesture. Humbled and grateful i am. A small act of kindness always change a life. #giving my hands to serve and my heart to love for a better world.

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