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Swedish based cultural activist and musician Chezhira Luckson Makandire Chikutu a.k.a ManLuckerz delivered a spectacular performance at Hellesten Hotel in Stockholm over the weekend.

Clad in full traditional regalia, the musician performed in front of an energetic bumper crowd of different nationalities who danced and sang along to some of his Shona songs.

ManLuckerz said he was humbled by the turnout and appreciation of his music.

“We performed in front of a very energetic crowd that danced and sang along to our Shona songs.

“It was a humbling experience for me and I think as Africans we should be proud that our cultural music is gaining appreciation in foreign lands,” he said.

ManLuckerz said traditional music unites people.

“The idea behind my music is to share our Zimbabwean tradition. Through gathering a huge following of different nationalities, I am showing people that our culture is good at uniting people,” he said.

The musician has been riding high with his recently published book “Flash Identity” which documents Zimbabwean culture and music history.

ManLuckers said spreading local culture will ensure its survival.

“Zimbabwean culture will always survive as long as there are people to spread and protect it,” he said.


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