Marbles ZBCTV show Episode 2

This week the series continues. We pick up from where we left off as we establish the characters and lay the foundation of this excitingly fresh series.

We have so far met Precious and Enock whose marriage is marred by violence as Enock who spent the night out bashes Precious allegedly for being barren. We met Frank and Portia and their son Michael but we couldn’t help noticing that Frank is suspicious of his wife’s movements judging by the way he curiously looked at Portia’s phone when it rang.

We also got to meet Anita and Joe and Joe’s insecurity at Anita being a young politician. We now know that Joe is a cop and Anita is a politician. We also saw; Martha and Portia consoling Precious after the spanking she got from Enock. We also know that Precious despite the abuse, is determined to protect her husband. No doubt Precious suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome.

In Episode 1 we also saw that Frank and Martha are lawyers who work together at their Law Firm. Frank is a Senior Partner. At the law firm we also established that one of their clients’ Professor Ruzvidzo is embroiled in a rape case and the Professor has specifically requested Martha to represent her because of her reputation as a lawyer who has never lost a case.

Marbles Episode 2 continues this Saturday at 21:30hrs on ZBC-TV. Please join us as the saga deepens.

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