Marbles ZTV show Episode 3 Highlights

In Episode 2 last Saturday we continued establishing the characters and slowly building the story-line. We saw Frank as a practicing lawyer when he attended to a scared Professor who is alleged to have raped his wife’s 15 year old teen sister.

Martha arrives to help ease the panicky Professor. We also now know that Frank and Martha are partners at Mbirimi and Zhuwawo Attorneys At Law. We also saw the escalation of Enock’s abuse on Precious as he forces her not to go to work so that he makes love to her and he hopes this time she will get pregnant.

In Episode 2 we met Victor; Martha’s husband and their naughty, spoiled and snobbish daughter Mary-Jane who immediately clashes with her dad because of her dressing. We also meet Mary-Jane’s school mates at the College. There is so much drama at the College as we see typical teenagers taking turns to humiliate Belinda and then Dwayne.

This Saturday Episode 3 of this Blockbuster TV Series unravels on ZBCtv as more intrigue, drama, suspense, romance, thrills and spills characterize it. Will Enock stop abusing Precious? What will Portia do to extricate Precious from this abusive marriage? What will Martha, Anita, Frank, Victor and Joe also do to help Precious? How will Victor deal with her naughty daughter Mary-Jane? And will her mother deal with her at all?

For these and other answers join us this Saturday at 21:30hrs on ZBC-TV as MARBLES explodes on the TV Screens once again.

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