Master servant relationship at a digital level – Caps United FC

The Caps United Football Club yesterday launched an online system accessible on in a way meant to benefit fans (masters) as football matches resumes this weekend and supporters won’t be able to go out and support their teams (servants).

The Green machine has come up with the website which will enable the fans to watch all matches as they happen despite the fact that television channels will be broadcasting the matches. Kepekepe is bringing their fans closer to the action.

“It is not about the players but the fans. The players train 24/7 and the fans come to validate what the players have done, its a master-servant relationship and now we bring it at an advanced level,” said Paul Mlilo.

Caps United worked with Advanced Innovation to create the website with a supporters account which, when the pandemic subsides, allows fans to pay for their matches. They simply use the supporters account to pay for the matches or partner with Caps United benefit.

“We have created a supporter account and a company micro site which will enable companies to market their products on the website,” he said.

The website is progressive, responsive, secure and uses AI Stat (Advanced Innovation) to aggregate all content from coaches, players and other clubs. The site allows fans to donate to their club and a Caps United online shop which offers golf t-shirts, caps, cups and vhuvhuzelas for fans.

This site is believed to be one of the best if not the only site of a kind in Zimbabwe and its believed to be worth over US$1 million.

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