Matuka set to market Doha Qatar Malaysia in song

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QATAR based Malaysian artist Patric Rozario has arrived in Harare, Zimbabwe to seek partnership with Abraham Matuka a local gospel and teen philanthropist from Zimbabwe.

The collaboration follows Matuka’s performance at Africa day before diplomats and foreign affairs dignitaries at Harare International Conference Centre, in Harare.

The Malaysian artist is passionate about the need to market the country’s tourism and investment by projecting the positive image in song across the world.

He was impressed by Matuka’s Lovely Zimbabwe project and perceived it as a global project with massive potential in influencing and inspiring foreigners to come to Zimbabwe.

The artist flew into the country in response to the invitation by Malaysian Ambassador, His Excellence Mr Amarjit to come and experience the heritage, the hospitality and resorts of Zimbabwe and connect with Abraham Matuka for the envisioned collaboration.

The artist had the opportunity to visit some great parts of Zimbabwe including viewing the majestic Victoria Falls, he fell in love with the country.

He was intrigued by Matuka’ s Lovely Zimbabwe song which was collaborated by ten artists through a multilingual approach seeking to market Zimbabwe as a preferred and safe destination for tourism and investment.

He was moved by the Lovely Zimbabwe backed by ZRP band live performance on Africa Day and expressed great pleasure and interest in the initiative seeing the entirety of what represents Zimbabwe through the song.

In his words he spoke on the song saying I just see how Zimbabwe is through the song.

” I’m sorry to say im going to have Abraham Matuka to do a similar song together and market Malaysia.” he said.

“I have already started working to bring Abraham to Malaysia. I shall seek for support from the government for the project . I have seen Abraham being creative bringing all these lunguages and artists together and I believe the idea will market Malaysia as it is doing to Zimbabwe. I believe Zimbabwe will be put on map through this song and I believe this idea is a brilliant one,” said Rozario.

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